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  1. Dearly Beloved
  2. Hikari - KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version
  3. Hikari - PLANITb Remix (Short Edit)
  4. Simple and Clean - PLANITb Remix (Short Edit)
  5. Turn the Tables
  6. Attack!
  7. Destiny Awaits
  8. Heat of the Battle
  9. Nothing Can Be Explained
  10. Strange Whispers
  11. Driven Into Fear
  12. Destati -Dive Into The Heart-
  13. Mysterious Tower
  14. A Mark of Mastery
  15. Daily Training
  16. Vampire Killer
  17. Wicked Tears
  18. Dracula Battle
  19. Death City
  20. Death City Battle
  21. 42-42-564
  22. Lady of Gorgon
  23. Olympus Coliseum
  24. Go for it!
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