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Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence
Developer(s) DSS
Genre Action RPG
Game Modes Singleplayer, Mulitplayer Co-op

Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence is a fan-written work based upon the Kingdom Hearts series, written by +DeadlySlashSword+.


Legend speaks of a tale of a great war that spanned across multiple worlds. This war was fought between three factions: The Heartless, the Nobodies, and the Keybearers, with all three sides fighting to the death to control the light and darkness held within each world's heart.

At the war's end, only one survivor from each faction stood standing. Only then realizing the foolishness their greed has caused, the three formed and signed a pact of peace to prevent such a calamity from possessing the worlds ever again.


Vylinn, one of the main protaganists.

The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence is very similar to previous titles in the series in terms of character navigation, but with a few major differences in other areas.


Amelioratory Benevolence is set two hundred years after the end of Kingdom Hearts II. All of the worlds in the original games have been destroyed by the War of Worlds' Hearts, but new worlds have been born out of their remains. These worlds are the setting for Amelioratory Benevolence.


With the exception of the First Chapter, the three protaganists travel together. However, the story is told in the perspective of whichever character the player is controlling, so the game must be played through more than once to recieve the full story.


Story Mode returns as the main mode through which the story is told. At the beginning, you can choose to control either Vylinn, Ryed, or Xaras, but this choice is not absolute. At any time during the story you can choose to control a different character and level them up. The story does not change depending on which character you control, as there are no separate campaigns; the three protagonists travel together.

After Story Mode is completed, then Campaign Mode is unlocked. Campaign Mode is a series of dungeon-crawling levels that chronicle the epilogue of KH:AB, with all five characters playable. However, unlike story mode, Campaign Mode is multiplayer, and up to five players can play through these levels.


  • Magic - Most spells are unlocked by level, but a few are awarded after beating bosses.
  • Abilities - Abilities can be equipped, and mastered by gaining a certain number of AP.
  • The Rave Bar - For each amount of damage the player takes, this bar rises by a certain amount. When full, the player can unleash a powerful ultimate attack.


In certain worlds and in certain points of the story, others will join up with the heroes and aid their cause. Though not permanent, you will not have to switch out a character to add them to the party. All allies are playable during their tenure, as well.


Arc 1, Our Penumbral Asylum

Arc 2, Life is Beautiful

Arc 3, Resurrection of Innocence

Arc 4

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