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Kim Possible
Kim Possible?.png
Kana キムパシブル (Kimu Pashiburu)
Type Human
Role Ally
Home World Radiant Garden

Kim Possible is one of several minor characters in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories and Kingdom Hearts: Arcana. She originally appeared in the cartoon series Kim Possible. She is one of the members of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee.

She played a bigger role in Kingdom Hearts: Termoil where she appeared in her home world. She aided Sora in defeating a darkness infused Drakken. She also aided Kairi in defeating Shego and her Heartless Army.


Kim is a female spy with an orange hair and green eyes. She wears her signature attire; a tight black top with a zipper, a pair of black gloves, green cargo pants and brown shoes. She also wears a utility belt with a crown as the belt buckle.

She wears her season 4 outfit in Termoil.


  • Kim's appearance is based upon a fanmade comic.
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