Grand Kaiser
Kana キカイオー
Origin Tech Romancer (1998)
Alias G. Kaiser, Grand Armor Kaiser, Machine King
Type Robot
Role Summon
Home World Earth
Other residences Tatsumi Technodome
Weapon Machine Kingsblade (KikaiohKen)
Status Active
KikaiOh, a.k.a. Grand Armor Kaiser, is the personal giant robot of Junpei Todoroki. It was designed and built by his grandfather to do battle against the Goldibus Corps.

Musical Theme

A CPS2 rendition of "Fight! KikaiOh!", with synthesized vocals, featured in Tech Romancer as it's opening theme. A TV anime-quality version with vocals by Dokumaru is used in Superhero Keyblade Wars.

KikaiOh ~ Grand Kaiser

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