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Kiba Ranger / Classic White Ranger
Kiba Ranger ~ White Ranger.jpg
Kana コウ
Origin Gosei Sentai Dairanger (1993)
Alias Kou
Type Human
Role Hero
Alignment Dairanger
Home World Earth
Family Akomaru (brother, deceased)
Unnamed mother (unknown)
Weapon ByakkoShinken
Attribute Light, Chi Power
Status Alive
English Voice Jason David Frank
Japanese Voice Hisashi Sakai (child)
Wataru Abe (adult, MvSS)

Kou unmorphed

Kou / Kiba Ranger is the Sixth Ranger of Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Although he was only a child by the time he received his powers and joined the Dairangers[1], Kou's exploits eventually became the stuff of legend, and he is still highly regarded today as one of the greatest Rangers who ever lived.


He was the first of the Dairangers to get their powers back despite the end of the modern Gohrma conflict[2], due in part to the fact that the true Shaddam was still out there and needed to be tracked down. Kou helped the Kakurangers, Dairangers and Shin Avengers destroy the Iron Man Mk. 31[3], then defeated Shaddam with the Dairangers and Zyurangers[4] before joining the Avengers Sentai Alliance in the Battle of Starktopia 01, where he ultimately confronted Lord Drakkon with the Zyurangers[5].

After Shin destroys Tony Stark, Kou helps talk Pepper out of killing herself, only to watch her be struck down by the True Iron Majin, but he avenges her by destroying the evil devil-god along with Shin, Spidey, Shuri, Aka Renger, and Gokai Silver piloting Mugen DaiZyuJin. After helping rebuild New York and attending Pepper Potts' funeral and Shin's speech, Kou returned to the Tokuverse with the Dairangers and Super Sentai, waiting for the time to lend his aid to the future grandchildren of his old teammates[2].


Kou was once an immature child who needed guidance, especially from his living weapon ByakkoShinken, to become a real hero, but now he is a seasoned veteran who takes his part in the Super Sentai's fight against evil more seriously than ever. He has also taken the time become good friends with the Zyurangers, in particular.

Of all the Rangers, Kou is arguably the most severely disappointed in Tony Stark's actions, even from the time before he became Iron Majin. He agrees completely with his fellow warrior of justice and longtime fan Shin Seigi that the Tyrant of Steel is a disgrace to the forces of good who must be stopped at all costs.

Like Shin, Kou never gave up trying to warn Drakkon that Iron Majin is only manipulating him, and considered Drakkon's death at Tony Stark's hands a tragic waste.


  • "I want you guys to meet ByakkoShinken!" - to the Iron Legionites
  • "Guess who's back?"
  • "Let's do it guys! It's Morphin' Time" - before morphing with the Zyurangers and Dairangers.[4]
  • "Eye of the Tiger!" - performing his team attack with Burai.


  • Kou is the first Sentai Ranger to be played by the same person as his Power Rangers counterpart Tommy Oliver, at least in his MvSS[5] appearance. Jason David Frank also did Kou's stunts and motion capture.
  • The name of his Hyper Combo Attack is borrowed from the Survivor song, "Eye of the Tiger".
  • His piloting of Mugen DaiZyuJin (along with Aka Renger, Gokai Silver, Spider Man, Shuri, and Shin Seigi) seems to be an ironic subversion of the Zyurangers(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) utilizing the Mystic Chi Beasts(Thunderzords) in MMPR season 2.