Kia is indeed in tune with the darkness, and is one of her two main abilities, mainly in the form of magic-based attacks. Being a mid range fighter, Kia wields a hefty, rather large, curved blade akin to that of a guillotine. Despite its size, she wields it one hand with ease like a knife and utilizes swift swings and keeps it mid-range. Alternatively, she may charge her weapon with darkness and increase her attack potential. Overall, her fighting style resembles that of Sora's Limit Form: chaining normal attacks into various special attacks. Her other ability is shapeshifting, which serves to be as formidable as her darkness powers. Kia is compromised completely out of a metamorphic liquid that can assume many shapes. When she discards her weapon, she will start using this ability as four large, arm-like appendages appear from anywhere on her body. Entangling her opponents in a multitude of tendrils of ambushing her opponents from behind, Kia is at her most unpredictable when using this power. It is also because of the ability that she can withstand many physical attacks. Despite these strengths, Kia is not weak against the light, but ice. Another downside is that while she can gain experience and grow stronger, she can't learn any extra abilities. She has no White Magic to defend herself with, so she must use on-hand items.


Ability MP Cost Description Damage
Ombraslash 9 MP Performs a series of darkness elemental slashes in quick succession 40 HP (8 HP from each hit)
Shadow Break 5 MP Similar to Cloud's Braver attack, she rises suddenly up into the air, popping the opponent upwards and stabs the ground, sending out four shockwaves 5 HP on initial strike, 18 HP on finishing strike
Spiral Upper None Rising slash that pops up enemies into the air. 7 HP
Dark Spike None Delivers a mighty thrust from her weapon. Comes out rather fast and hard 13 HP


Ability Description
Darkness Arts Wield the destructive prowess of darkness
Slime Arts Perform unique, flowing attacks with a liquid body and attack with four extra limbs for increased range and combo potential
Link Arts Combine abilities to perform stronger attacks.

Slime Arts

Ability MP Cost Description Damage
Liquid Brake 3 MP Dives into puddle form to rise up again and attack with long, huge arms. 2 HP per hit
Shadow Install None Utilize four extra appendages for extra attack options
Saber 1 MP per turn Increases Kia's physical prowess. Indicated by a shadowy aura surrounding her extra appendages. 12 HP per hit

Darkness Arts

Ability MP Cost Description Damage
Dark Brave 1 MP per turn Summons a group of darkness orbs surrounding her to assist her in offense 7 HP per strike
Dark Flare 7 MP Summons a black ball of energy that homes in on targets, similar to Riku's Dark Firaga. 27 HP
Gravija All MP Reduces targets HP by 2/3 of their maximum HP by casting a descending orb of space overhead. Has a long casting time 2/3 of target's HP


Ability MP Cost Description Damage
Diamond Blaze All MP Trap an enemy in an energy diamond field and attack with unbridled fury 1 HP capturing strike. 15 HP per hit. 7 hits in total adds up to 105 HP
Black Fissure All MP Attack four times then finish off with four large energy waves 5 HP for the first four strikes. 21 HP for each wave
Graviga EX All MP Gravija spheres converge on to the target to slow down and cripple them with a larger one cast under. Long casting time None up until the last sphere, which takes away all but 1 HP

Battle quotes

  • Stand still! - When casting Gravija
  • Let's play a little
  • DICE YOU! - When preparing Ombraslash
  • Watch your step~ - When using Liquid Break
  • Darkness, aid me! - When preparing Dark Brave
  • This is the finale! - When preparing Shadow Install
  • Kid gloves are off - When using Slime Arts
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