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Name Kexon
Original Fanon Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos
Alias Neko; Omega
Type Nobody-Somebody Hybrid
Alignment Good
Rival Alpha
Weapon Permafrost
Attribute Ice
"A Nobody Hybrid, fighting for his continued survival and a solution to the growing enigma surrounding his destiny."

Kexon is a character from Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts, fighting alongside Riku against Dark Sora's forces, including his unique opposite, Alpha. He originally hails from the fanmade story, Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos, where he leads Kingdom Come into battle against those that threaten their lives and the worlds of the universe. Kexon fights with his dual-bladed battle axe, Permafrost, along with chilling powers over ice and a keen intellect. Although his strong sense of justice had him whole-heartedly fighting for Riku's cause from the start, Kexon did not immediately warm up to the other heroes summoned, making him one of the less liked champions on Riku's side.


Kexon's normal attire in Destiny's Reach is much like his original's, keeping the black zip-hoodie, white T-shirt with the Kingdom Come ensignia, faded dark blue jeans, and black converse Chuck Taylor hi-tops. There are a few subtle differences however, such as the lengthening of his jacket to a few inches below the shirt and his black hair a bit shorter, but not by much. Other than those changes, Kexon looks almost exactly like his Blooms of Chaos version of himself.

Kexon's alternate costume, matches his uniform as an agent of Abaddon, as seen in the dreams in visions Alpha made him experience during the fourth story arc.

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