Origin Ed,Edd n'Eddy
Original Name Kevin
Alias Shovel-Chin (by Eddy),Kev(by Nazz)
Type Human
Role Ally

Keyblade wielder

Home World Peach Creek
Family Unnamed Parents
Weapon Dark Biker keyblade

Kevin is the typical, popular, athletic jock that all the kids aspire to be.


He is the typical "cool" person in the group, laid back and slightly aloof. Kevin is most popular for the many athletic achievements accomplished on his beloved bike (and the occasional skateboard trick), and also for his skill in sports. He is especially respected by the unathletic children, such as Jimmy. The motive behind his constant display of athletic prowess is that he is a tremendous show-off, even moreso than Eddy. Kevin thrives on the constant attention and admiration that he earns. He brags about his father's job at the Jawbreaker factory, thus earning the respect (coupled with envy in Eddy's case) of the other kids.He gains immense power through the force of darkness

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