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Kana ケル (Keru)
Type Human
Role Ally
Home World Unknown
Weapon Keyblade
Soul Eater
Attribute dark
Status Alive

Kel is one of three main characters and one of the several original characters in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories. He is one of Suné's best friends and also his rival.


Suné met Kel after meeting with Nanaly. Since then, the three had been best friends. Kel and Suné are very competitive when it comes to competitions.


Kel appears to be a 15 year old boy with blue eyes. His hair is somewhat combination of Terra's and Isa's hair. He wears the same clothing as Riku's but with different designs.


  • Sune! Promise that you'll come back once it's all over, 'kay?


  • Keldric's name was taken from the name the of the main protagonist of Dawn of Mana, Keldric.


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