Kefka Palazzo
Kana ケフカ・パラッツォ
Romaji Kefuka Parattso
Origin Final Fantasy VI
Original Name ?
Alias Kefka/Cefca Palazoo
Type Human/Magical
Role Villain/Enemy/Antagonist
Age ??s (Possibly Immortal or Eternal)
Gender Male
Alignment Bad and evil
Home World Kefka's Domain
Other residences ?)
Family None
Weapon Staff/Mace/Orb
Attribute Darkness/Light
Status Deceased twice...
English Voice Dave Wittenberg
Japanese Voice Shigeru Chiba

Kefka Palazzo is a character who is originally from Final Fantasy VI and is also the main antagonist of the animated movie.

In KH: ITHOTCR, Kefka Palazzo is the stauchest supporter of Master Xehanort and close friend of Maleficent. He plans to have Claude Frollo accuse Yeul of being a Gypsy, also Esmeralda. Once Frollo dies by falling, Kefka takes revenge and lets Garland abduct Yeul instead. He, Master Xehanort and Emperor Mateus are the co-leaders of The Warriors Of Chaotic Darkness.

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