Kaxrm is Organization Finals number V Number I after the takeover. He was the one that came up with the plan to takeover the organization and the leader of the newley formed one. He came up with the idea to make a replica of Ven but when the replica went rouge he effortlessly destroyed it. He saved the Zipax from the final attack that would have killed him then faded away at the very end of the game. He is heavily focused in the stories Organization Final and Organization Final:Path of the warrior. He is the Nobody of Mark.

In the very first part of path of the warrior his phantom guides the rest of the Organization while he fights strange creatures in the void. In this game he goes on a journey to discover why he was made. Once he completes his quest he is transported back to the real world. Here he helps everyone else with missions while upgrading the castle.

Apperance and weapons

He wears a regular organiazation final cloak but with a red and yellow belt. He doesn't take his hood off until the siege on there first base. He has Bright blue eyes and long blue hair. He has two swords that have the power to control blood. In Path of the Warrior his appearence changes drasticly. He loses the cloak and wears a white shirt and blue pants. His power also increases drasticly and he has bloodverse with him at all time.

Kaxrm in path of the warrior


"This war is not over; you will die."

"Remember that promise I made that I wouldn't let you die? Well I just made good on that promise."

"Get to the exit! I'll hold Xobb off."

"When we meet again, don't hold back."

"Who are you, and what do you want!"

"Hey guys, I'm back!"

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