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Kastor and Pallux
Original Name Dustin
Type Unversed
Role Antagonist
Home World Isle of the Labyrinth
Weapon Assorted Weapons
Attribute Light and Darkness
Status Merged back into Dustin

Kastor and Pallux are two of the earliest members of the Forgotten Revolt. The siblings are deeply attatched to Thorn, even to the extent of thinking of him as their father. They are imperfect Unversed, of the child, Dustin.



Kastor and Pallux began as an idea and the twisted mind of the replica, Edward Thorn. Before their birth, Thorn had gone to the Isle of the Labyrinth institution, Domus of Scientia, where he snuck into the boarding school at night to kidnap a child. This child was to be the test subject of his latest experiment. Thorn took the boy, Dustin, and fled back to his base of operations, where he began the dasterdly process. Using strange technology, the mad replica was able to extract the darkness in Dustin's heart and shape it into a being, one that he dubbed the name "Kastor", effectively recreating the dreaded Unversed. The experiment had unexpected results, however. The light that remained shaped itself into an entity of its own and took the name "Pallux". Due to an unknown factor in the test, these two believed they were the twin offspring of Edward Thorn, himself, not even suspecting that they were something other than human entirely. With the rebirth of the Unversed, Thorn was ready to begin his quest for memories of his own.



Eleven-Kastor and his sister join hands and begin spinning rapidly until they are just a blur. Then eleven other figures, resembling the other eleven signs of the Zodiac, come out to attack their foe.


Kastor, being the young boy that he is, is very short and has child-like features. He has messy brown hair that resembles the hair of Dustin. He wears an oversized Isle of the Labyrinth army jacket, that is green in coloration, with many pockets. Buttons go up the middle of the long-sleeved coat, but many of them have popped off and gotten lost years ago. Below this, Kastor wears baggy grey pants that cover the tops of his worn sneakers.

Pallux has similar facial structures that are accented by her dark, pulled-back hair. Covering her forehead are Pallux's bangs, often obscuring her stormy eyes. She wears a simple sleeveless black top under a small grey jacket. Over her miniscule legs are navy capri pants that stop half a foot above her ratty sandals.


Kastor and Pallux have extremely similar names to Dionysus's, a Greek god's, children: Castor and Pollux.

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