Kana カミナ (Kamina)
Type Human
Role Ally
Home World Spiral Canyon
Weapon Sword
Attribute Spiral
Status Alive
"Kick logic out and do the impossible! Remember that. That's the way Team Gurren rules!"

Kamina is a secondary protagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Arcana, originating from the anime series Gurren Lagann.


Kamina's outfit, although not complicated, is flashy and expresses his personality; he wears dark brown hakama tied with a white cloth belt, a traditional Japanese sarashi - a protective bandage on abdomen and forearms - sandals, and a red cape with gold chains, a blue flame-skull logo and a wide upturned collar. He usually wears a pair of flashy orange sunglasses.


Kamina is a strange mixed bag: he is usually bone-headed and clueless as to other people's opinions and feelings, but he has occasional moments when he makes astute observations that none of the other members of his party noticed. He generally plays the role of the cheerful, hot-headed idiot, firing up his teammates for battle. It is usually his inspirations that, while seeming stupid at first, unveil the team's next step forward. Ultimately, he can be summed up as "magnanimous". He is very passionate about his goals, expressing his wishes through energetic speeches which seem to affect all those who hear them. Kamina believes that with his manliness and honor, he can do anything he feels like, often saying "Who the hell do you think I am?!"


In Gurren Lagann, like all members of his village, Kamina has lived his entire life underground. As a young child, his father left, claiming he would go to the surface. Kamina only caught a glimpse of the surface world before returning underground himself. Later in life, he becomes obsessed with reaching the surface as well, conscripting young men from the village to help him.

Kamina eventually made it to the surface along with Simon, thanks to a well-timed (and accidental) invasion by a Gunman and a surface girl named Yoko. Once on the surface, Kamina learned that beastmen were attempting to destroy all human settlements and immediately re-established his Team Gurren. He, Simon, and Yoko venture to defeat the Beastmen and they make additional friends on the way.

Unfortunately, Kamina dies during a battle, but his death eventually helps give Simon the impetus needed to make him a true leader.

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