Kana カイリ
Origin Kingdom Hearts
Type Somebody
Role Ally, Princess of Heart
Age 16
Home World Destiny Islands (home)
Radiant Gardens (birthplace)
Outworld (Prison)
Weapon Keyblade
Status Alive
Kairi is the girlfriend of Sora and one of the Pure Hearts of Kingdom Hearts: Visions of the Future.


Kairi was already dead at the end of the first timeline. In the new timeline, Kairi is met by Cao Cao when he nearly interrupts a date between her and Sora. When she pulled her keyblade on the Wei ruler quickly, she immediately put it back saying she was joking. Knowing the speed, Cao Cao senses that the Kairi nearly cutting him was Shang Tsung in disguise. That was true in a cutscene when Kairi was seen imprisoned in Outworld. Shao Kahn taunted her that by the time Cao Cao figures out Shang Tsung's form, his soul will be taken. Kairi then screamed to be let out, which was ignored by Shao Kahn's evil laugh. Towards the end of the game, "Kairi" thanks Sora and Cao Cao for good servitude but is blown by Hikage and Rambo. Shang Tsung reveals himself while Sora races inside to find Kairi. By the time Kairi is seen again, she is a statue along with the other Pure Hearts kidnapped. Once the Elder Gods found out Shao Kahn's attempt to claim the universe without victory in Mortal Kombat, they free Kairi and the other princess and transfer them to Cao Cao where they speak through him, in a mix of each of theirs and his voice. Once Kahn is slain, the elder gods revive the princesses. Kairi is first saddened when Sora is dead before her eyes and admits that Cao Cao was right, he did what was right to protect the universe from Shao Kahn. Back at the Radiant Gardens, Tinker Bell and Raiden's magics resurrect Sora and Kairi tearfully hugs her lover.

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