Kairi (KH: Ultima)
Age 24
Title Sora's love
Occupation Princess of Heart
Family Sora
Gender Female
First appearance Kingdom Hearts
Original name none

Kairi is a woman that first appears in Kingdom Hearts, and makes an appearance in Kingdom Heart: Ultima. In This story, she is married to Sora, and they are about to be proud parents. But they find Zephyr on the shores of Destiny Islands after Zephyr's world dissapears. She stays behind on Destiny Islandswhile Sora helps Zephyr find Anima and Rayd.


Her personality is unchanged from her canon appearance.


Telling Sora the news.

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Finding Zephyr

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Checking on Zephyr

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Gojira57's notes and trivia

  • She will serve as the main reason why Sora keeps on fighting for the universe.
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