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Kaira Thakur
Kaira thakur
Kana カイラタクール
Romaji Kairatakūru
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Renaissance
Alias Kai
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Keyblade Master
Age 18
Home World Halaka
Other residences Destiny Islands
Family Ushmil Thakur (mother)
Samir Thakur (father)
Anil Thakur (elder brother)
Lekhon Thakur (younger brother)
Kyle James (foster brother)
Weapon Royal Innocence (keyblade)
Attribute Light
Status Alive
English Voice Tiya Sircar
Mindy Kaling (adult)
"I never knew that I would be chosen to wield the Princess's keyblade and save Halaka from destruction."

Kairavi "Kaira" Thakur is the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts: Renaissance.



Kaira was born and raised in a prospering village, where she spent most of her early years training to be a Keyblade master. On her 5th birthday, her parents took her to Halaka's castle where she befriended Princess Karuli, and invited her to join her in Keyblade training, to which the latter gradually accepted.

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