KaiJuuJin Maximus
Kana 海獣神
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Type Robot
Role Villain
Weapon KaiyoBunkatsuKen (Ocean Splitting Sword)
Attribute Sea
Status Destroyed
English Voice Rick D. Wasserman
Japanese Voice Wataru Takagi
KaiJuuJin Maximus is one of the Demonizer Eight Generals in Superhero Keyblade Wars. Kaijuujin (海獣神, lit. "Sea Beast God") is trying to cut off all trade routes, pollute the oceans, and poison the Earth's entire drinking water supply. Despite being ocean/water-themed, Kaijuujin is completely resistant to poisons and other toxic substances that can easily contaminate water on contact.

He was destroyed by the Maverick Hunters and Street Fighters.

KaiJuuJin Maximus-0


  • KaiJuuJin based on the Decepticon Combiner Pirancacon from "Transformers". Piranacon is the only one of the original Decepticon Combiners not to appear in the original Transformers cartoon, but he did make it into a Japan-only spinoff series called Transformers: Super God Masterforce.
  • KaiJuuJin's appearance is also an homage to the Kraken from Greek Mythology, as it appeared in the movie Clash of the Titans, as well as some of the Kaijuu from Pacific Rim.

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