Kagai Touketsu
Origin Nobody
Original Name Katherine Alexzander
Alias Malevolence Crystalised
Type Nobody
Role Anti-Hero Protagonist
Age 12
Home World Nai Ma
Family None
Weapon M6A Pistol
Attribute None
Status Alive
"Death, hatred and evil... Things that make this world beautiful... Will you help me make this world even more beautiful?"
—Kagai Touketsu

Kagai Touketsu, is the anti-hero protagonist of Story of Hearts: A Dead World Below and the nobody of Katherine Alexzander a famous deceased Nai Ma hero that was killed while protecting Nai Ma during a raid caused by the army of Hell. This character is a recreation of Malevolence Ribbons Crystalised.

Reports Log

"Date: - - / - - / 2041

I hear you requested for her appearance General. Unfortunately, I cannot send you an image sir. As our Image database is down at the moment. Subejct: Kagai Touketsu has straight black hair and golden eyes. Which is interesting to note. It is unusual for a human to recieve such pair of eyes, indeed sir? It seems that the potential that she has the "abilities" can be true or she is just a human with a unique pair of eyes. Her skin is fair and she appears to be twelve years of age. I personaly find her apperance.. Cute. Hopefully, you will not mind that sir. That is all sir."


Unlike the current Malevolence Crystalised. Kagai Touketsu, can show signs of happiness, love and mercy making her more human compared to the current version of Malevolence. Unlike her other self she is sadistic and constantly laughs at other peoples demise, this usually ends up with her hurting Noir as a sign of affection.


Kagai Touketsu follows the original appearance of Malevolence Tanaka (Crystalised currently) that had long black hair (short hair originally) and golden eyes. She wears an Academy City female school uniform. She also doesn't have a geass or and eyepatch similar to the original Malevolence.



The Shikaku stands for "Dead Space" which translates it's ability to exterminate everything within a limit range of thirthy feet, making it extremely lethal in close quarter's combat. It's destruction capability is almost inifinite, meaning it can destroy anything with an exception of few. This ability is used constantly by Kagai against her enemies.


To be continued..


"Not all stories... Have a happy ending."

"Do you truly understand what is a hero? Someone who saves someone! Without charge! Without food! Without anything! That is why there are no heroes in real life! Nobody could take that!"

"Your death at my sight is certain."

"I assume... It is time you lose faith to your God... He won't save you today. Today... is where you die."

"I will show you how does it feel to die! Your blood slowly pours out of you... You life's length is uncertain! Your body trembles in fear... And then, you die. Without a legacy or a story to tell."

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