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The Real Kaa

Japanese カー
Home World Madhya Jungle
Origin The Jungle Book
Role Villain, Summon
Limit Hypnosis Trap
Story Organization XIII: The Successors

Kaa is a Summon used in Organization XIII: The Successors. He obtained by befriending with him in The Heart of India. To summon him, Reid uses the Snake Fang Charm that he receives from Kaa himself.

He first appeared in The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kiplings (1894), and Disney's version of The Jungle Book (1967).




Kaa is a large Python molurus. He has a brownish back and a tan stomach. His large smile gives him big cheeks and a long snout. He has large green eyes that allows his to use his Hypnosis. While using his power, multi-colored stripes move across his eyes.


Kaa is extremely clever snake that will do anything for food. His tricky character allows him to deceive any animal. Throughout most of his appearance, he remains in branches, because he is extremely vulnerable on the ground.


By summoning Kaa, the field turns into tree branches. Kaa bites enemies with his fangs. Occasionally, he lets out hypnotizing energy that stuns enemies.

His Limit is Hypnosis Trap. This allows him to hypnotize enemies, causing them to fall asleep. His tail appears in front of Reid, allowing him use Swing to attack enemies. Then he uncontrollably starts slithers through the ground, biting and swallowing enemies.

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