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Alias I am not spoiling anything but I will give you a hint. It has seven leters.
Type Human
Role Protaginist
Age 23
Home World China
Family Once again not spoiling anything!
Weapon Oblivion

Justin is the main protaganist in Kingdom Hearts 2010, Episode:Shooter, Episode:Field Test, and Episode:Cruelty


He has a Bright personality in Kingdom Hearts 2010, but might become not so bright when he finds out secrets of his past. Especially when he finds what Lumaria had done to him.


Justin has brown hair and blue eyes. When he is possesed he has eyes Black as the devil's. Also when he's possesed he keeps his fists clinched.


Justin will appear in four episodes entitled Past Life (appearence only), Feild test, and Cruelty(his Biography Episode).


Justin as a nobody.

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