Kana ただウル (Tada uru)
Type Unknown
Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Status Alive

Jushur is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. He is a recurring henchman of Crono Silverius, and a close friend/companion of Alalngar.



Not much is known about Jushur's history. He met Alalngar when he was traveling through the galaxy via the Lanes Between. The two fought viciously, but Alalngar won, and Jushur pledged his alliegance to the superior man. The two have been inseparable since.

Splitting of the Light

Jushur is first seen at the villainous conference in Asteroid M, along with Alalngar and Crono.


Jushur has a unique appearance. He is a wolf, but with an almost human mind. He can even speak. Atop his back is a strange doll, the only artifact he has from his own time period (the same one Alalngar hails from). His pelt is silver with dark green highlights, and on his forehead is a white marking. This is a symbol of power, granting Jushur many otherwise impossible abilities, like ripping holes through the fabric of time and space (allowing for faster interdimensional travel than Alalngar can produce) and human speech. He has a broken handcuff on his left front paw, for an unknown reason.


Jushur is a quiet entity. He tends not to speak, but is intensly loyal. He follows his comrade Alalngar almost anywhere, and will stand by any decision he makes. He fiercly defends his friends and superiors to the very end, and will not back down from a fight unless directed.

Powers and Abilities


Jushur is a very fast and fierce fighter. He often lashes out with his fangs or claws, and hits fast and hard.


  • Jushur, according to the Sumerian king list, was the first king of the first dynasty of Kish. It claims he reigned in Sumer for 1,200 years as the first post-diluvian king.
  • Jushur is heavily based on Enkidu, just as his master Alalngar was based on Gilgamesh.
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