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Juri Han
Origin Super Street Fighter IV (2010)
Type Human
Role Villain
Home World Earth
Other residences South Korea
Family unnamed father(deceased)
unnamed mother(deceased)
Weapon Feng Shui Engine
Attribute Taekwondo
Status Alive
English Voice Jessica Straus
Japanese Voice Eri Kitamura

Juri Han is a nasty female fighter affiliated with the Shadaloo Intimidation Network.


Juri is a nasty, belligerent, provocative femme fatale who fights almost purely for the thrill of it. She is also very cunning, and seeks vengeance on Bison for the murder of her parents. Her affinity with spiders leads her to be an enemy of Peter Parker, and, ironically enough, a lover of Bully Maguire.

However, for all her cruelty, Juri is implied at times to actually be using it to conceal her inner pain.


  • "So you got your powers by being bit by a radioactive spider, eh? Just image what would happen if I got one of those to bite my-" - "teasing" Spider Man
  • "You will make this worth my time!"
  • "Where should I break you first?"
  • "I missed the part where that's my problem."
  • "Stings, doesn't it?"
  • "Now dig on this."
  • "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye!"


  • Despite the mocking tone in her voice when making flirtatious comments towards males and females alike, Juri is indeed bisexual[1]. In fact, she doesn't mind if Bully Maguire also wants to get with Ada Wong or Morrigan Aensland.