Julius Root
Kana ジュリアスルート
(Juriasu Ruto)
Origin Artemis Fowl series
Type Elf
Role Ally
First seen Chapter III
Home world Earth
Occupation LEPrecon commander
Weapon(s) LEP tech, fairy magic
Inexistent Misadventure character

Julius Root is a character in Inexistent Misadventure. He originates from the Artemis Fowl universe.

The youngest commander in LEPrecon history, Root is a respected member of fairy law enforcement. Although he is a kind elf at heart, his outward manner is infamously short-tempered. His outbursts, with the accompanying purple-red hue his complexion takes on, have earned him the nickname "Beetroot", a moniker that Sorceror Nobody coincidentally also devises for him.


When LEPrecon captain Holly Short arrives late to work, she has Root to answer to. Holly presents the newly-arrested Sorceror Nobody as her excuse, causing Root to call the centaur Foaly into his office to try and work out exactly what the Nobody is.

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