Claude Frollo
Claude Frollo KH3D
Kana クロード・フロロー
Romaji Kurōdo Furorō
Origin Hunchback And The Notre Dame
Type Human
Role Villain/Enemy/Antagonist
Age 60s/70s
Gender Male
Alignment Bad and evil
Home World La Cité des Cloches
Other residences Farplane (in dark ghost form)
Family None
Weapon Sword
Attribute Darkness
Status Deceased, but alive in Farplane...
English Voice Corey Burton
Japanese Voice Shōzō Sasaki
Claude Frollo is a character who is originally from Disney's Hunchback And The Notre Dame, and is also the main antagonist of the animated movie.

In KH: ITHOTCR, Frollo is the staunchest ally of the pure evils Master Xehanort, Kefka, Emperor Mateus and Sorceress Adel. He is also friends with Maleficent, Ultimecia and some villains. Here, he calls forth Sorceress Adel to eradicate any Gypsies for Sorceress Ultimecia because he is her friend. He is also a member of The Warriors Of Chaotic Darkness

Sanguia calls him "Eternal Evil", because she says that he has no heart and redemption. Fulmen calls him "Black Demon" because he is a totalitarian tyrant towards Gypsies.

Once Frollo dies, then Kefka appears and later absorbs the soul of him. Lumina says that his soul is corrupted to the eternal darkness.

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