Republic of Jovia

Republik der Jovia (Lucidian)
République de Jovia (Archelonian)
Repubblica di Jovia (Emmerican)
Reipublicae Jovia (Latin)

Origin Original State
Capital Diapason
Demonym Jovian
Head of State Corina Baseret (President)
Head of Government Ueli Leuthard (Chancellor)
Government Federal Presidential Republic
Official Language Lucidian (German)

Archelonian (French)
Emmerican (Italian)
Romanche (Romansch)

Other Languages Latin

Haosian Novaran (English)
Yamatan (Japanese)
Poloskan (Polish)

Independence Date From the Lucid Empire (12 May 87 DC)
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight

The Republic of Jovia is a group of worlds frequently mentioned inKingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight. As one of the states that seceded from the Lucidian Empire. It had fought a war for its very existence during the Lucidian War. Lucidia's defeat and it's collapse as an Empire led to the continued existence of Jovia as an independent state allied to the Realm of Light.

List of Presidents of the Jovian Republic

Maxwell Hilbrachen: 87-97 DC

Ueli Sommaruga: 97-107 DC

Corina Baseret: 107 DC-Present

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