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Joanna Isabella Vidal
Origin Fire Emblem (as Minerva)
Alias "The Dragoon"
Type Human
Role Dragoon

Member of Task Force 596

Age 25
Home World Beast's Castle
Weapon Lance (Wind Spear)
Attribute Light


Status Alive

Joanna Isabella Vidal is a character from Kingdom Hearts: The Unsung War Trilogy. She is a member of Task Force 596 of the Union of the Realm of Light.

Before the Trilogy

Joanna Vidal was born in the world of Beast's Castle (Principality of Villeneuve) on April 26, 0084 DC.

Into the Dusk



Joanna is described as a stubborn woman who is one to never back down from a fight. She is always one to state her opinions on the situation and on what she feels about it. However she is not one to usually question orders.

She shows great pride to her world and the people she must protect as a member of the Realm of Light Army. Joanna is fiercely protective of her team that she worked with for several years, a common trait shared with people in a group.

Weapons and Fighting Style

Joanna's weapon of choice is her Spear, known as the Wind Lance. Her weapon consists of a Sharp spear tip surrounded by 2 white angel wings on the right and left of the weapon. The shaft is made of steel and is light green in color, the Spear from tip to the bottom of the shaft stands at 5' feet.

Joanna's fighting style is a mixture of offense, defense and range with her spear, utilizing elements of standard swordplay into her fighting style. Utilizing defensive maneuvering in conjunction with a more agressive philosophy and tactics, she can use her high physical strength to dominate her opponents physically. She is capable of deflecting projectile attacks and close quarters opponents without compromising her ability to launch powerful counterattacks. She is also relatively skilled in swordplay as well as well as being adept in wind-based magic.