Jiro is the Japan-exclusive Kingdom-Hearts Character. He is seen from PH's Hero TV and Level-UP. Unfortunately, unlike Sora, Aqua and all the Kingdom Hearts characters, he cannot be released outside Japan like Mina Majikina, Rera, Nakoruru. Voice actor is Junko Takenuchi, and there is NO USA voice actor sadly. He is NOT a playable character like Sora; instead he is the friend of Sora, Kairi and Riku. He also makes cameo appearance in the fanmade KH: Chi - Crimson Hearts and Unison and Reunion in Japanese version only along with Skuld and Ephemer. He is also available as C-Link in KH:ITHOTCR in JP version addition. When Hero TV's contract expired in February 2018, Jiro seems to sacrifice his life to destroy Lady Xehanort's Dark phoenix in JP Version only.

Jiro from HERO TV
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