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Jim Hawkins
Alias Jimbo
Type Human
Role Protagonist/Party Member
Age 16
Home World Vast Space
Family Mother (alive); Father (missing)
Weapon Cutlass
Attribute Light

Jim Hawkins is a protagonist and party member in the Vast Space arc of Kingdom Hearts: Soul Story. He is a young man who discovered the secrets of the map to Treasure Planet and traveled with the crew of the RLS Legacy to seek out the legendary treasure.


Jim first appeared as the lead character in Robert L. Stevenson's book, Treasure Island and was also the lead character in the Disney animated film, Treasure Planet.


Jim appears as an average teenage boy. He has brown eyes and brown hair with a short pony-tail. He wears a brown jacket over a white shirt, black trousers and brown boots.


Jim is very adventurous, always reading stories of pirates and treasure as a child. He is also very mischievous, always finding trouble (a trait he shares with Aros). He does his best to chase his dreams and will stand up for the dreams of others as well.

Weapons and Abilities

Jim wields a Cutlass, a standard naval sword with a hand-guard and a one-edged blade. He also knows a couple of light spells.

Flash: Creates a bright flash that stuns enemies for a moment.

Blade Beam: Fires a blast of light energy from the tip of his sword.



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