Jet Garuda
Jet Garuda a.jpg
Kana ジェットガルーダ
Romaji Jetto Garūda
Origin Chojin Sentai Jetman (1991)
Alias Bird Garuda
Type Robot / Aircraft
Role Summon, Transport
Home World Dimensia
Other residences Earth
Weapon Garuda Claws
Status Active

Jet Garuda is one of the Jetmans' giant robots, which transforms from a bird-like aircraft called Bird Garuda and back. It was originally created and piloted by three survivors of the Kingdom of Dimensia. Now, during the Superhero Keyblade War, it is piloted by Black Condor as his (semi-)personal mecha.


  • Hyper Hawken- Bird Garuda's combination with Icarus Hawken.
  • Ultra Hawken- Hyper Hawken's combination with Tetra Boy. The Tetra Cannon can be mounted on top or on the bottom of the Hyper Hawken.
  • Great Icarus- Jet Garuda's combination with Jet Icarus.

Great Icarus.jpg

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