Jessica "Jess" Aquila
Rouge 2.png
Origin Kingdom Hearts 4
Type Human
Role Supporting character
Age 17 (KH 4 and their spin offs)
18 (KH 5, 6 and it's spin offs)
21 (KH 7 and it's spin offs)
24 (KH 8, 9 and spin offs)
37 (KH 10)
Home World Destiny Islands
Family Angelus Aquila (Father)
Maria Aquila (Mother, deceased)
Kaze Aquila (Brother)
Miles Aquila (Brother)
Weapon Spirit Eater
Status Alive

Jessica "Jess" Aquila is a supporting character in Kingdom Hearts 4 and it's sequels. She is Miles Aquila's sister and a deuteragonist of Rego saga. She is voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard.


Jess prefers to dress in punkish clothing. Her hair is auburn and grey. Her skin is pale. She wears green lipstick. She stends up to 5'5" (5'8" later on in the series).


Much like her brother, Jess is a cynical and realistic individual. Like Miles, she was angry about their father's disappearance. She is also loyal to her brother and had missed him ever since he joined the United Republics Marine Corps. She is also very extremely intelligent hacker as she often helps Miles through radio contact.


  • Jess bears an uncanny resemblance to Rouge's appearance in X-Men: Evoloution and Gwen from Total Drama Island.
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