Jenny Carshil
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Heartache
Type Radiant Garden Princess
Role Protagonist
Age 17
Family Lea (Brother)
Maria Rodriguez (Sister-in-law)
Kathi (Niece)
Weapon Pistol Guns
Celestial Starfire Gunblade
Attribute Starfire
Status Alive
English Voice Elizabeth Olsen (young adult/teen)

Tara Strong (child)

Japanese Voice Aya Hisakawa
Jennifer Katherine Carshil is the deuteragonist of Kingdom Hearts: Heartache and the Radiant Garden Princess of the Starfire. She is voiced by Elizabeth Olsen as an adult and Tara Strong as a child.


Physical Appearance


Theme Song

Her theme is Son of Man from the 1999 Walt Disney film Tarzan.

Son Of Man - Phil Collins (with lyrics)

Son Of Man - Phil Collins (with lyrics)


  • Jenny was originally going to be paired with Dante, but it was decided to leave her single.

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