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Jeane from Kingdom Hearts: Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

Jeane Rider-Possible, 2-year-old Daughter of Rapunzel and Flynn, felt horrid over her father's death. But she didn't want her Grandparents killed though her mom's split personal figure didn't listlen so she casted Jean out of the Kingom wherever Randall needs to kill her. When Kim discovered Randall who is about to kill Jeane at the Mental Hospital, Kim runs towards Randall and beat the living heck out of him just to save Jeane's life, totally knocking him out (you should never treat children like crap; that's the law). So then Kim decided to buy a house in Traverse Town to raise her as her daughter.

Worlds of Change

  • Sugar Rush = Nicelander
  • Mobius = Zeti
  • Mushroom Kingdom = Littlest Toadette
  • Pride Lands = Hedgehog-1st to 10th Visit & Lioness-11th To 20th Visit
  • Jungle of Rythem = Tiger
  • Ant Island = Ant
  • Monstropils = 2 Secord Year Old Girl
  • Nottingham = Flea Girl
  • Despicble City = Teenage Girl
  • Middleton = Human
  • Jump City = All Powered Hero of The Teen Titans
  • Bethlehem = Animated Cat
  • Bikini Bottom = Jellyfish 
  • Fermgully = Blutterfly Winged Fairy
  • Retroville = 3D-Self
  • Highland, CA = Diapered Human


  • Hair Hammer
  • Hair Whip
  • Hair Punch
  • Hair Chopper


Like her mother, Jeane has long Magic hair.

Voice Actress

Tara Strong, Like Ariel.


  • She was named after Flynn Rider,  Who's real first name was "Eugene".
  • She doesn't really call Kim Possible "Mom" but she does call her "Aunt Kimmy".
  • She has a crush on Bill Goof, who is the Son of Max & Roxanne and the grandson of Goofy .
  • She and Bill are the same age.
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