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Major Information

James is the son of Gellax, and he uses the same keyblade, Masked Luck. He uses a different keychain, though.James's keychain is a transparent cube with many colors.James is part of Organization Final Future.In the beginning of Organization Final:The Future Organization Final, he is 14. After visiting Master Larua's house, he uses Key to Luck.


James' hair is red with streaks of yellow and orange, and his hairstyle is: Bedhead! He wears a white T-shirt with a skull that has a keyblade stuck in it's head and denim cargo pants. His shoes are white with black. His eyes are a greenish-blue. His skin is tan, and he is unnaturally tall. James has a mole in the left lower corner of his neck. After visiting Master Larua's house, he has two metal kneepads and a shoulder pad, all of which are dark silver.


His personality is, like his dad, calm, and practically always thinks things out. Before Trent's death, he was always quick to make friends. After his friend's demise, he is outdrawn. However, after spending some time with the kids at Nowhere Island, they become his friends.


He has power over luck. His usual battle tactic is to hang back and dodge/block until he gets his enemy's tactics.Then he tries to find every weak spot by repeatedly slashing, stabbing, hacking, and shooting magic spells at his foe.

Before Organization Final Future

James was born peacefully in The Palace of Illusions, Gellax's home. He grew up with a Reborn named Trent. Gellax found Trent and brought him to The Palace of Illusions. At the supposely the same time, James was born.The two grew up together, happily making trouble. One day during their ninth year together, a cloaked figure came out to the garden where they were. Trent told James to run, being his friend and caretaker. James obeyed.He saw his father, Gelax, run out of the building and was teleported to his quarters. Later, Gellax delivered painful news: Trent died.Later, James was, after repetitively asking, sent to Nowhere Island to deal with his greif. There he met the people who would later, along with him, make Organization Final Future.


"What? Trent died? He couldn't have!" - To Gellax in The Palace of Illusions.

"Who are you?" - To Xemnas in Nowhere Island

"Hey! Dad, what are you doing here?" - To Gellax in Redwood.

"Reborn!" - referring to the Reborn that formed in front of Jessica, Suki and his faces.

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