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Jake Wite
Type Humanoid
Role Protagonist
Age 15
Home World Mage Sage Town
Weapon Twin Blades
Attribute Power
Status Alive

Story Line

The Beginning

Jake is a protaginist Kingdom Hearts Light Through Darkness. Jake is the care taker of the twin ninjas Michael and Micha. He's homeworld was taken by the darkness a long time ago. But he never felt any hate toward it. All Jake remembers about his parents were that they told him to never allow hate to grow inside his heart. When he's world was under attack, Jake was placed inside a pod along with other childern and shipped off to other world for there safety. That's the last time they saw there parents. When Jake opened his eye. He was in Mage Sage Town! But no one was there,...And the first thing Jake wondered was "The childern he escaped with?"...


Jake has silver hair and sharp blood shot red eyes. He has a red uniform shirt with black buttons and a black jacket over it. He's pants are black. He has black shoes with red designs on them. When in battle, a Red cross appears on he's forehead. This symbol shows of the demon locked inside Jake. When needed the demon well appear to help him in he's battle(rare).

Fighting Style

When fighting Jake moves very quickly which makes him hard to see. He's attacks peers the enemy so that at the last moment when the enemy thinks it's done nothing to them there bodies shatter. Making the finale blow more simple. A powerful punch or kick.


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