Origin Aladdin (1992)
Type Somebody
Home World Agrabah
Weapon Magic Staff


Status Dead
Jafar was the main antagonist of Aladdin, and the young boy's arch-nemesis.


After Sa'luk recruits the remaining theives to his ranks, Maleficent resurrects Jafar to serve as Sa'luk's magician and enforcer. When Iago heard this, he warned Aladdin and Sora that his former boss was alive under Sa'luk. At the Vanishing Isle, where the Hand of Midas is, Aladdin and his friends free Cassim from the 2 villains. Once Casism turns Sa'luk into a permanent lifeless statue, Jafar declares he will kill Aladdin once and for all and make a family tradition to die with his father. After enough blows, Jafar is finally defeated for good by the combination fo Cassim, Aladdin and Sora.

Jafar is also present in the final battle for Disney Castle.

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