Jack and Jamie von Schweetz
Uncle jack.png
Kana ジャック·フォン·シュウィーツ
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Willpower
Type 1/2 Human, 1/2 Replica, 1/2 Dragon
Role Ally
Age 1 month
Home World Destiny Islands
Family Riku Replica (FKM) (father; deceased), Maya (mother), Jack Frost (adoptive uncle), Candlehead (adoptive aunt), Sora (uncle), Johnny von Schweetz (brother)
Attribute Winter (Jack Jr.)
Light (Jamie Jr.)
Status Alive

Prince Jackson and Princess Jamie-Elizabeth of Arendelle are minor characters in Kingdom Hearts: Willpower.


The twins are cheerful and curious.

Physical Appearance

Like his adoptive uncle, Jack Frost, Jack Jr. wears a blue hoodie and brown pants and has cyan eyes. His white hair is a result of Jack blessing him with snow powers, while Jamie Jr. has brown hair, blue eyes and wears a white dress.

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts: Willpower

Jack Jr. and Jamie Jr. are the new prince and princess of Arendelle.

Entry 2

The royal cuties of Arendelle. They were born not long after their father's death.

Kingdom Hearts: The Shadow Queen's Curse

The twin prince and princess of Arendelle. They, along with their mother, Princess Mariya, and adoptive aunt, Candlehead, have been captured by Lexila.


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