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Jack Frost
Jack frost.jpg
Kana ジャックフロスト
Origin Rise of the Guardians (2012)
Original Name Jackson "Jack" Overland
Alias Guardian Angel (by Maya)
Type Guardian
Role Starlight Prince
Guardian of Fun
Age 300 (spiritually)
14-18 (physically)
Home World Childhood Dominion
Family Nightlight (father)
Katherine (mother)
Emma (younger sister)
Weapon Staff
Attribute Winter
Status Dead (Human)
Alive (Guardian/Immortal)
English Voice Chris Pine
"I remember our last encounter... you only were 4 when you lost all memory of our moments... But a guardian never forgets..."
—Jack reuniting with Maya

Jack Frost is the 2nd Starlight Prince, a party member, and the deuteragonist of Kingdom Hearts: Remnants of the Past.


Physical Appearance

As a human, Jack had brunette hair, brown eyes, fair skin and a pale dusting of feckles. He wore a white long-sleeved white shirt with a brown vest and brown pants. At the time of his death, a brown cloak is seen on his shoulders.

As a guardian, his hair is white, his skin is pale, his eyes have changed from amber to blue



Birth of Jack Frost

An Ill Orphan



Jack is extremely close to Maya.


James T. Kirk

Like with Maya, Jack is close to Jim.



  • "Hang in there, Maya..."
  • "Maya?! No... you're not her..."
  • "Will you help me reunite with her, Sora?"
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  • ""
  • ""
  • "After 14 years, I finally got to see your face. You've become more beautiful as you grew."


  • "We're gonna have a little fun!"


  • ""


Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts: Remnants of the Past

Entry 1

A mysterious boy who has a connection with Mariya.



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