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Jack hooded.jpg
Kana ジャック
Type Nobody
Role Enemy
Age 20
Weapon Cards
Attribute Time
Status Dead

Jack is a character in Kingdom Hearts The Data Book.


Data book

In the Data book Jack helps Wolf out and missions and when to gamble or not. After Alex gets there to talk to Wolf they leave and as they leave. Armies of Heartless attack the group as Alex and Wolf got away the Heartless kill the group of nobodies.

Reverse World

He helps Wolf out but tests him more by orders of Death. After fighting him to the point of Death Ruby steps in to fight him. After Ruby wins with help of Shemhazi, Jack goes back to the castle after getting Dog they go out to attack Wolf's group again. After failing to get them the get Shemhazi after taking her back and putting her in prison Wolf and Dog wait in the room before her cell. After Shemhazi gets out with the help of Alex and wolf and Ruby get there Jack and Dog call for Bone and Jewel. After fighting the warp to the Top of the castle where Death warps to after telling the group about his plans Death, Dog and Jack warp away.


When Amber tricks Jack into turning himself into a card. Thats when the cloaked Man cuts the Card in half killing him


Jack likes to turn his enemies into cards or dice and slam or kick them around. He is Loyal to Death so much so as Dog sates that he is a Loyal dog. He never gets anger for the most part when he does he slams stuff into other stuff.


Card Form

Jack is only turned into a card once and that was at his final battle. In this Form Jack can't do much all he can do is hop and slice enemies. In this Form Jack can take a lot of damage form being hit once.

Fighting style

Jack fights very much like Luxord with the Cards but Jack likes to turn his enemies into Cards sooner. Jack/abilities He can also turn his enemies into Dice from time to time. Jack can also Stop time in places to attack his enemy with out them moving.


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