Izuru Kira
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Kana 吉良 イヅル
Original Name Izuru Kira
Alias Gloom-some (Yami)
Type Shinigami
Role Recurring Character, Ally, Shinigami
Age 130-200
Home World Karakura Town/Soul Society
Family Kagekiyo Kira (father, deceased)

Shizuka Kira (mother, deceased)

Weapon Wabisuke
Attribute Nothingness, Earth, Moon
Status Alive
Izuru Kira is one of the characters that will appear in Kingdom Hearts: Generations. He is a recurring character in BLEACH & will appear during the Lost Soul Arc.


Izuru has blue eyes with short-length blond hair that is combed into three points, two at the back of his head with a bang of hair over his left eye, with it reaching his just below his eye. He also wears the standard Shinigami robes and the 3rd Division's lieutenant armband on his left arm.

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