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Isle of the Labyrinth
Origin Fan-Made
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Blooms of Chaos

Isle of the Labyrinth is the homeworld of Thorn.


As the name implies, this world's cities are mazelike. Most of it is filled with water so there is very little land.

Valde Civitas

Valde Civitas is the capital of the Isle of the Labyrinth and is its biggest city. The heart of the world lies here but its exact wherabouts are unknown.

The Seventh Sea

The seventh and largest of the Isle's seas. It covers most of the world.

Known Residents

Thorn, Monica, Klayton, Celesté, Fuesona, Chimomo, Dustin, Kastor, and Pallux are all residents.


The world is led by a council of thirteen elders who study the stars for advice.


  • Dusk
  • Nija
  • Dancer
  • Axel
  • Axelchu aka axel's nobody


  • Valde Civites is Latin for Great City
  • The Heartless set up a base here, they refuse to consume the world for its valuable resources, these resources are currently unknown.
  • They have clear views of the twelve constellations that are the signs of the Zodiac, suggesting that the world's location is near Constelland.

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