Isabelle Dawn
Origin Kingdom Hearts
Original Name Kingdom Hearts (created from excess energy)
Alias Goddess of Harmony

Second of Light

Type Celestial Being/God
Role Hero; Ally
Age Looks 20 (Physically)

Possible as old as time itself (Chronologically)

Home World Radiant Garden
Family Michael Sol (Older Brother)

Shadow Dark (Distantly related Older Brother)

Blaid Dark (Distantly related Older Brother)

Mauro (Oldest distant Nephew)

Kurai Dark (Younger distant Nephew)

Other Dark Gods (Younger Distant Siblings)

Other Light Gods (Younger Siblings)

Weapon Radiant Dawn Keyblade
Attribute Light; Harmony
Status Alive

Isabelle is the De Facto Commander of the Heroes of Light in Guerra Eterna: Kingdom Hearts and second in command only to Michael Sol, unlike her parallel Counterpart: Blaid Dark, she is not Michael's lover who has instead been missing for Centuries - surrendering his Position to Isabelle.


Physical Appearance



Equipment, Powers and Abilities




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