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Iron Man
Iron Man-0.png
Kana アイアン マン
Origin Tales of Suspense #39 (Mar,1963)
Iron Man (2008)
Marvel VS Super Sentai (202X(as Iron Majin))
Alias Tony Stark
Tony Stank
Iron Majin
The Tyrant of Steel
The Great Betrayer
The Shame of the Avengers
The God of Destruction
The False God
Lord Stark
Bully Stark
Type Human (Prime Timeline)
Cyborg/Robot (MvSS Timeline)
Role (Anti-)Hero (formerly)
Main Villain (MvSS)
Antagonist (Kingdom Farts)
Age 50s
Gender Male
Alignment Evil (MvSS timeline)
Neutral/Anti-hero (formerly in Prime Timeline)
Home World Earth(-199999S(Iron Majin))
Family Pepper Potts ((former)secretary/ wife, deceased in MvSS timeline),
JARVIS (AI assistant(reborn as Vision, deceased),
Howard Stark (Father, deceased),
Maria Stark (Mother, deceased)
Morgan Stark (daughter, disowned in MvSS)
Weapon Iron Man Suit(s)
(Dark) Infinity Stones (as Iron Majin)
Attribute Arc Reactor
Infinity (as Iron Majin)
Status Alive (Kingdom Farts)
Deceased (Prime and MvSS timelines)
English Voice Robert Downey Jr. (episodes 1-3 of MvSS only)
Adrian Pasdar (MvSS)
Trey Parker (likely in Kingdom Farts)
Japanese Voice Keiji Fujiwara (2008-2020, flashbacks and ADR only)
Mugihito (as Iron Majin)
Eiji Hanawa (Kingdom Farts)

Tony Stark / Iron Man, is a Marvel comics character and a founding member of the Avengers.

Marvel VS Super Sentai shows his MCU counterpart becoming the evil Iron Majin in a separate timeline, conquering Earth and declaring all superheroes fugitives.


Marvel VS Super Sentai

See also: [1]

World of the Powerless

Having killed Thanos and taken control of Earth-199999, Iron Man ushered in a dark age of fear and terror, where the Avengers and all other Super-Powered beings are deemed illegal and hunted down by him, the Stark Administration, and his Iron Legion[2]. In 2023, when Iron Majin was beginning to extend his tyranny to the entire universe, a young man named Shin Seigi rises up to defy the evil dictator, and frees the Avengers before taking him on himself. Despite Iron Majin's vastly superior strength, Shin weathered his onslaught of attacks until his stolen Iron Patriot suit was destroyed, and was saved by Aka Red who made him into New Captain America. New Captain America then takes a team of heroes with him to raise an army of Super Sentai, Kamen Riders, and Metal Heroes to help the Avengers end Iron Majin's reign of terror[3]. Stark fought the Neo Revengers who stayed behind to fight, eliminating Maria Hill, Nebula, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Winter Soldier, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury with the assistance of Lord Drakkon, Agent Abrella, and Bio Hunter Silva.

End of the Starks

By the beginning of the Battle of Starktopia 01 in April 2024, Tony Stark had lost the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet, but created a set of Dark Infinity Stones in anticipation of this, which allowed him to destroy GoZyuJin with one shot. DaiZyuJin, however, denounces Stark for his crimes and warns him that he will finally be punished by those he had oppressed for too long. Once the Avengers Sentai Alliance reaches the throne room, Stark and Drakkon fought their hardest to crush their enemies, with Stark disposing of Bruce Banner's last vial of serum and destroying Pepper and Rhodey's armors, but the heroes are eventually able to turn the tables[4].

Shin tells the tyrants that it's time to surrender and face the consequences, but Tony responds by putting Kiba Ranger in a full-nelson hold, and Drakkon does the same to Spider Man. Their attempt to use the captured heroes as leverage is foiled by their own hostages, leading Tony to vaporize Drakkon to save himself, which sends Shin flying into an unstoppable fury. The New Captain America proceeded to brutally attack Tony Stark with everything he has, and even with his lower body and right arm destroyed, Stark continued to resist in vain as Shin called him out for his hypocrisy and landed blow after successive blow to the tyrant's face until his mechanical skull was exposed, then plunged his fist into Stark's chest, crushing his blackened metal heart. Although the death of Tony at this point meant the full restoration of the real Iron Majin, the parasitic Devil-God was also eventually destroyed by Mugen DaiZyuJin[4].


Tony Stark's actions, despite the horrific damage they caused, opened the eyes of billions throughout the universe, and his death marked the end of the Stark family's accursed influence on humanity. With Pepper also dying in the war, and Morgan disowning her tarnished family name, the Stark bloodline is all but completely extinguished, but the universe is finally saved and ready to move on to a new age without Iron Man.



As Iron Majin, Tony Stark is consistently seen in his Mark 50 suit, but with purple triangular markings over and under the eye holes of the mask, which he got from his first fight with Shin. It is also revealed, during the aforementioned battle, that Tony is now completely mechanical, save for his head.

When Tony starts using the Dark Infinity Stones, the Arc Reactor on his chest turns purple and the eyelids on the helmet glow red, with the rest of his body/"suit" adopting the burnt black color patterns of his Play Arts Kai figure.


As Tony Stark, he's a rather egocentric, expedient, womanizing, and flamboyant genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. As Iron Man, he was a noble hero out to make amends for past mistakes and prevent his work from being grievously misused by terrorists and other evil-doers. His complex character has caused many to see him as either a hero, others to view him as a villain, and others still as both. He has an abnormally low, if not nonexistent tolerance for his critics and intellectual inferiors, and whenever someone criticizes him for some morally dubious course of action, more often than not out of his fear that the world cannot survive without his (mis)guidance, Tony will stubbornly go great lengths to double down and prove it was for the greater good, no matter the cost to him or those around him. The fact that he allowed his PTSD from after the Battle of New York, combined with the fear that spurred him to create Ultron, to be warped into the attitude he displayed from Civil War until Endgame has even led many to view him as mentally ill.

As Iron Majin, however, he is a completely selfish and very ruthless, cynical, arrogant, condescending, elitist, self-righteous, self-entitled, explosive-tempered, spiteful, intimidating, ego-maniacal living god of destruction who goes against everything Iron Man was meant to fight for and will not rest until he eradicates all the Marvel and Toei Superheroes, and becomes ruler of all creation. He enjoys his ill-acquired feeling of control, shamelessly mocking his enemies, and raining destruction on anything he sees an affront to himself and his personal glory. His hubris is so great, he would at times allow enemies to become powerful enough to think they can challenge him, and then humiliate the challenger in question in a lengthy battle that could/would seriously damage a city(for the sake of his extravagant theatrics) before finally killing said opponent.

Tony's growing hatred for other heroes who could steal the spotlight, and called him out for his obnoxious self-righteousness became so great, that he lost all his better qualities by the Battle of Starktopia 01, and when he was on the verge of losing to the Avengers Sentai Alliance, he threw Lord Drakkon under the bus and spent his final moments in life blindly hating and cursing Shin and everything he stands for as the New Captain America pummeled and obliterated the traitor[4]. Even though he allowed the ASA to evacuate the citizens of Starktopia 01, he would have gladly subjected them to a living death under his rule as his herd of "butt-monkeys" to lord over and satiate his egoism.

His disciplinary code is so petty and unforgiving, he brutally lashes out at or attacks anyone who calls him Iron Majin instead of Iron Man or otherwise chides him; he once killed one of his guards for making a pop-culture reference[5], and one of his technicians for the way he recoiled in response to Majin ruthlessly scolding him for a small mistake. In the ultimate display of the self-deluded egotism he had been accused of for most of his life, the Tyrant of Steel strictly believes his tyranny and disrespect for other people's rights and freedoms, excessively disciplinarian attitude, and treating his subjects little better than prisoners or second-class citizens in his own demented "fantasy-land" is perfectly justified as keeping the Earth safe. Iron Majin did not care for the deaths of Abrella, Silva, Iron Maiden and Red Hulk, despite their services to his ambitions, much less Drakkon when he was sacrificed to not only try and destroy Spider Man, but to escape justice.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to all the powers and abilities of every Iron Man suit Tony had constructed, up to the Mark 50, Iron Majin also uses the Infinity Stones. and his eyes glow the same color as the corresponding stone:

  • Reality/red: quickly/instantly reconstruct or deconstruct anything, defy the laws of physics
  • Space/blue: teleport himself or anything in his sight anywhere he chooses
  • Mind/yellow: control anyone's mind, even a sentient robot's, or put disturbing visions in the target's head
  • Time/green: reverse, slow down, or stop time, or increase his own speed
  • Soul/orange: drain anyone's life force, or revive anybody
  • Power/purple: increase his power, or decrease that of his enemies
  • All together: Eliminate half of all life on Earth and 70% of all life throughout the MCU, instantly (re)create the Iron Legion and reshape New York into Starktopia 01 (implied)

When the Administration learned how to harness Quantum energy, Stark could use it in conjunction with the Reality, Space, and Time stones to go back in time and open the way to other dimensions(whether he wishes to go himself or send his workers/Legionites to retrieve something or someone for him), though Drakkon already gave him a means to send his Legionites into the Tokuverse.

When he stripped the Infinity Stones of their negative energies to create the Dark Infinity Stones, he lost the individual powers of the real stones(as well as the ability to harness Quantum energy and instantly rebuild the Iron Legion after the manual production of them is halted), but gained greater offensive and defensive power, at the cost of his mind being further deteriorated until he had lost all his morality. It is presumed, because of this lack of individual powers, that the Gauntlet would make no difference in the usage of the Dark Stones. Though ultimately, the Dark Stones failed to protect Stark from his demise, they accumulated copious amounts of additional negative energy from his endurance of Shin's attacks, which, when compounded by the negative energies already making up the true Iron Majin's being, created a recoil that took away its immortality, instead of resetting the universe as Iron Majin intended, and destroyed the Dark Stones entirely, restoring the real stones to normal.



Wayne Shin

For all his firm belief in responsibility, Wayne failed to see the hypocrisy of his hero worship directed art Stark, whose own sense of the ideal was slowly being twisted in the course of his first ten years as Iron Man, and that continued romanticism created a rift between Wayne and his children, especially Shin. Even after his youngest son Kibou died and Shin left home after breaking Wayne's prized Iron Man figure, in a symbolic foreshadowing of what would become the tyrant's fate, and followed shortly by Ayaka, Wayne tried to convince himself that Stark was in the right and remained passive in the suffering of more old friends of his who shared Shin's disgust at his own father for idolizing Stark. Eventually, Wayne could no longer bear the consequences of sticking with Tony Stark's beliefs and chose to grow past his misguided obsession with Iron Man, earning his son's forgiveness by sacrificing himself for what the Avengers Sentai Alliance stand for.

Lord Drakkon

As another similar fallen hero, Drakkon established an alliance with Iron Majin to help him stop Shin from raising his superhero army, admitting his hatred of the Super Sentai/Power Rangers to be no different from Tony's newfound hatred of the Avengers. But knowing how Iron Man previously acted against the wishes of his friends, Shin Seigi refuses to stop warning Drakkon of the almost certainty of Iron Majin turning on him. Shin's warnings were ultimately justified, as Iron Majin ruthlessly murdered Drakkon in an attempt to kill Spider Man as well, and Tony even deludedly claimed he was sparing Drakkon the humiliation of being judged by humanity[4].

Agent Abrella

The Dekarangers' old enemy becomes Iron Majin's weapons supplier and business partner, citing that Tony Stark is not the only one who has been called the "Merchant of Death". He is willing to pay the evil alien any price for his contraband goods, deeming money as being no object in his quest for ultimate power, and even respected Abrella for his similarities to Tony before his capture by the Ten Rings; though this is not necessarily to say Iron Majin had any problems with Abrella meeting his end once more.

Bio Hunter Silva

The robotic assassin blindly pledges his destructive abilities to Majin's insane quest for supremacy, accepting the Tyrant of Steel's orders to cause havoc at the New York City Subway without second thought or remorse. Even as Tony praised his newest subordinate for Vision's death, Silva simply stated he was doing his duty, yet midway in the Battle of Starktopia 01, Iron Majin did not seem to care that Silva had been annihilated, and this lack of care presumably also extends to the similarly deceased Abrella, and Red Hulk, although in Iron Maiden's case, he might rebuild her out of favoritism of her over Silva than anything else.

General Thunderbolt

Now that the morally corrupt general ironically serves Tony Stark as vice president of the Stark Administration, their relationship has strengthened significantly, and Thunderbolt's refusal to let his familial ties interfere with his "duties" has led Tony to applaud him for his decision to use his daughter Betty Ross as a bargaining chip to make Bruce Banner return the super soldier serum vials he stole from the Administration. Whatever reservations Thaddeus may have had about becoming the thing he hates most in order to destroy the Shin Avengers, Tony insisted, bluntly, that doing the same thing was the only way to destroy Thanos(and that making this kind of sacrifice was the whole point of being Iron Man, regardless of whosoever reviles him for it), effectively sending the hate-filled general to his demise.

Iron Maiden

Once his A.I. servant in the same manner of J.A.R.V.I.S., F.R.I.D.A.Y. is now a cold, calculating founding member of the Stark Administration who continues to obey Stark's will, albeit in demented ways like harshly disciplining HyperVision to forsake all sentiment and be just as ruthless as her. Although not stated in any capacity in the context of the story, Iron Majin doesn't mind sacrificing Iron Maiden as long as she can be rebuilt to continue enforcing his twisted will.

The True Iron Majin

It has been implied that during his gruesome final showdown with Thanos, Tony recognized the evil force within him and gladly sold his soul for the power to destroy the Mad Titan, thinking this sacrifice(of his morality) was worth the victory and Earth's continued survival. Due to his already dangerous narcissism, and further corruption by Iron Majin's recompleted essence, Tony refuses to realize he is being used by the ancient Devil God, just as he himself used Peter Parker for his own benefit (if subconsciously at first).

Bully Maguire

Iron Man has an on/off relationship with Bully, often self righteously denigrating the corrupt wall crawler for reckless acts on par with, if not worse than those of the disgraced former Avenger.



Even with the Mad Titan meeting his gruesome end, Stark continues to vilify Thanos, not ever realizing his actions as Iron Majin are even worse than the one he personally and hypocritically held responsible for the darkness in Tony's own heart. Iron Majin frequently demonize the Mad Titan in his over-the-top anti-Thanos propaganda as an uncivilized, hedonistic barbarian who took whatever he wanted, and will not hesitate to kill anyone who feels that Thanos did nothing wrong.

However, while Shin and Tony both agree Thanos was ultimately in the wrong, Shin says he would have at least tried to understand Thanos' motivations first, whereas Tony outright wanted kill Thanos to make him a scapegoat for all his wrongdoings. Ultimately, both Stark and Thanos were both, at best, deeply flawed, emotionally tortured souls who felt that enduring the hate they get is an inevitable consequence of their misguided actions, yet ended up becoming sacrificial lambs to Iron Majin's plan.

Shin Seigi

Death of a False God.jpg

Iron Majin despised Shin from the bottom of his cold, twisted heart for being the idealized, selfless hero Tony Stark never could be. Every heinous deed the Tyrant of Steel committed against the Shin Avengers, especially their leader, was born of Tony's selfish desire to abolish the traditional heroic principles Shin lives by and prove that it no longer works in today's world. He rejected every single chance Shin and the other heroes had given Tony to repent, and, late in the Battle of Starktopia 01, even went as far as claim that he would rather die the ugliest death imaginable than admit he was wrong and live the rest of his life in a universe where his belief system can no longer reign supreme.

Killing the tyrant was an incredibly cathartic moment for Shin, who mourned the fact that Tony ultimately broke his promise to Yinsen by wasting his life tormenting any and all who disagree with him, instilling a mix of emotions, from regret for all the bloodshed it took to expose the folly of Tony's misguidedness, to bittersweet relief that everyone is free from hero-turned-villain's evil. Still, Shin chose to let each and every individual have the right to make their own judgement of Tony Stark and his family, on the condition that they take what was learned and never repeat their horrible mistakes.

Steve Rogers

His annoyances with his former comrade having exploded into pure hate, Iron Majin murdered Captain America in cold blood[3]. His spite for Rogers is so great now, he declared all Captain America fans criminals who deserve to be imprisoned for life or even killed. When Steve was brought back, Tony refused to let his old friend dissuade him from his evil ways, and mocked him by insisting that Howard Stark would either approve of Tony's crimes, or learn to do so. When Stark tried to kill Peter Parker, Steve finally had to accept that his former friend is finally beyond reasoning, though he was also grateful to Shin for sparing Rogers from having to put Tony out of his misery himself.


Tony regarded his learning the Asgardians as the beginning of the unraveling of the "invincible legend" Tony sought to build around himself. In a world of Gods, aliens, and magic, where he can no longer be seen as the only "god amongst men", Tony became swamped in fear that if he can no longer be allowed to do things his way, then he will ultimately fail to protect the world. Tony refused to let even the morals Thor developed stop him from doing what he believed must be done to stave off Thanos' invasion, which suggests that if Thor hadn't left the Avengers after the death of Ultron, he and Steve Rogers might have succeeded in setting Tony straight and stopped the Avengers from splitting up. After becoming Iron Majin, Tony would shamelessly flaunt his god complex at the expense of Thor's profound disappointment, so the God of Thunder decries his former ally as a grim exaggeration of Thor's own former self before banishment, and vowed to take the Tyrant of Steel down.

Bruce Banner

Despite his assistance in creating Ultron, Banner's feelings of regret were intensified upon seeing Tony murder Steve Rogers and T'Challa and consolidate his own dystopian perversion of Ultron's original intended purpose, to the point of feeling Tony was the real monster all along. Bruce couldn't bear to accept this failure and move on unless Iron Majin and General Thunderbolt are both brought down for their crimes.


Iron Majin labelled the King of Wakanda as a traitor for protecting Steve Rogers and executed him in cold blood, but not without T'Challa calling Tony out for almost killing Bucky in an act of choosing the same path T'Challa ultimately rejected[3]. As a consequence, the Queen Mother regarded Stark as the enemy of Wakanda, if privately out of fear of retaliatory violence, feeling her son will never find peace until Stark is punished for taking him away.

Peter Parker

Now viewing Tony Stark as a traitor to everything he taught him, a horrified Parker admits he's fed up with Tony's attitude and joins Shin's team on the spot, brokenheartedly saying he is the one who wanted Tony to be better[3]. Peter's willingness to listen to Shin over Tony, due to Shin's far more likeable and open demeanor has fostered an intense jealousy in Iron Majin, and that jealousy played an enormous role in Tony Stark finally choosing to cross the line and attempt to murder Peter just to spite Shin, a mistake that cost the tyrant his own life. But Parker still felt some measure of sorrow at having to help destroy someone he once looked up to, respectfully retiring both the Starktech and Iron Spider suits and opting for a new Spidey suit designed by Shin to symbolize his cutting ties with the fallen Avenger.


Her affiliation with Shin Seigi has given Iron Majin incentive to claim to Shuri that he enjoyed every second he spent destroying her brother. It is also speculated and even very possible that Stark harbored immense jealousy towards Shuri for being way smarter than him, even before his fall into madness. She is perhaps the only Shin Avenger who didn't visibly shed tears for the betrayer's demise, if not outright reveled in it.

Pepper Potts

Despite the wholesale atrocities Tony Stark is committing, Pepper blindly clings to the hope that her (former) husband will realize how far he has fallen, even as Shin has to wrestle with the possibility that Tony may be already past saving. Before Shin's attack on Iron Babel, Tony expected Pepper to instill an acceptance of his cruel actions into their daughter Morgan, and when both are swayed to Shin's cause, Iron Majin disowns them from the Stark family line and marks them as fugitives[3]. Pepper's pleas continued to fall on deaf ears, and Tony continued to persecute his own spouse, though without necessarily wanting her dead. Still, she was so emotionally attached to Tony, she attempted to commit suicide after his death at the hand of Shin, and though she stopped, the true Iron Majin struck her down as the ultimate sign that the man she loved is gone for good[4].


Iron Majin exploits the ambiguity of Groot's extremely limited vocabulary to silence him like a obnoxiously foul-mouthed child. Groot implicitly expressed conflicting emotions, like Shin, after the Tyrant of Steel is killed, but ultimately found peace knowing that Stark is no longer a threat to his and Shin's friends and families.

Doctor Strange

Despite having had a common enemy in Thanos, Stark betrays Strange after the death of the Mad Titan and brands the Masters of the Mystic Arts as enemies of the new world order out of his desire to purge all magic from the face of the Earth. With so many of his colleagues being murdered by the Administration, Strange became just as driven to destroy Stark at all costs as Stark wanted to kill Thanos to restore his own glory. This hatred of Stark even extended to Vision, whom Strange let die pointlessly despite the android's genuine remorse, leading the sorcerer to be ostracized by both sides.

Natasha Romanoff

In the Super Infinity War, Stark was not above emotionally torturing her with painful reminders of her support for the hypocrisy that tore the Avengers apart.

Nick Fury

Tony Stark had his misgivings about Nick Fury and SHIELD since the beginning of his tenure as Iron Man, yet neither had the moral high ground to condemn the other for the unhealthy pragmatism they mutually indulged in. Even the lie about Phil Coulson's death no longer mattered on Tony's end when he became Iron Majin, and he was pleased with Drakkon's murder of the SHIELD director.

Super Sentai

Stark despises this long line of multi-colored heroes and their fans (perhaps more so than the heroes) for their "overreliance" on the power of friendship, something Iron Ma(ji)n believes is a cheap ticket to victory and an offense to his all too realistic way of thinking. For his incessant persecution of them, Aka Renger views Stark as another King of Terror, just like his old enemy Black Cross Fuhrer, as well as an insult to all Red Rangers that needs to be stopped no matter what.

He also shamelessly dismisses the Super Sentai's mecha as overgrown children's toys (and, more hypocritically, as expendable tools of the Super Sentai), particularly talking so condescendingly to DaiZyuJin as if he were the false god playing with others' emotions. Understandably incensed by this blasphemous self-righteousness, DaiZyuJin forewarns Stark (and by extension, Iron Majin) that the misuse of the Infinity Stones would be his/their undoing.

Kamen Riders

Despite his hate for the Super Sentai extending to the Kamen Riders as well, Iron Majin was willing to have Drakkon manipulate one of them into fighting the Shin Avengers. He admits to hating the Showa Era Kamen Riders the most, especially Takeshi Hongo.

List of Crimes (according to Shin)

Before becoming Iron Majin

  • War Profiteering and enabling war crimes.
  • Drunkenly endangered party guests.
  • Created Ultron behind the Avengers' back, indirectly causing mass deaths and destruction.
  • Signed the Sokovia Accords behind the Avengers' backs without first debating it and its moral implications with them.
  • Using the controversies surrounding the Sokovia Accords Incident and Wanda Maximoff to justify his grudge against her, and having Vision (more or less) intern her like a prisoner on Tony's behalf.
  • Supporting government corruption, conspiracies and hypocrisy.
  • Treating Peter Parker like a pawn, being a hypocritical jerk to him, lying to him, taking his suit, grooming him to become his poster boy. Also, Tony is indirectly responsible for the Vulture's own crimes against especially Peter.
  • Trying to kill Bucky Barnes against Steve Rodgers' wishes, despite the fact that Bucky was being mind-controlled into killing Howard and Maria Stark.
  • Indirect reckless endangerment of the universe's population by challenging Thanos without first informing Steve Rogers. (This led to the Snap in the prime timeline which killed 50% of the MCU's population, making Tony guilty of (indirectly) enabling intergalactic genocide)

After becoming Iron Majin

  • Tyranny and oppression.
  • Blackmail and intimidation.
  • Gaslighting Pepper into questioning her self-worth and believing she cannot live without him.
  • Encouraging needless harassment of his critics.
  • Persecuting and smearing fellow superheroes, especially Steve Rogers and later Shin. This included burning down any Power Rangers(for example)-related merchandise because he doesn't want anyone to have the potential to steal his thunder.
  • Giving preferential treatment to people who agree with his tyrannous actions and beliefs, and treating those who don't like second-class citizens or law-breakers. For example, he would defund any organizations whose interests and beliefs do not align with his own, especially non-profit ones.
  • Harshly punishing petty/non violent criminals while letting the more dangerous ones go free long enough to justify his oppressive extremism.
  • (Mass/attempted) murder and destruction, willingly, wantonly, directly, and/or indirectly(depending on the occasion).
  • Mass false imprisonment and invasion of privacy under the excuse of security.
  • Abduction of people whose IQs could surpass his own for lobotomization/intelligence suppression, including children.
  • Putting the children of his enemies and critics in juvenile detention.
  • Mass violation of civil/constitutional rights.
  • Plotting intergalactic/interdimensional invasions.
  • Abuse of Quantum Energy for his own gain.


Iron Majin w~gauntlet.jpg
  • "I am Iron Man."[1]
  • "You CANNOT stop the future!"
  • "Who the f**k are you?" - addressing Lord Drakkon for the first time.[5]
  • "The greatest Hell imaginable is to live in a world without power!"
  • "Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?"[1]
  • "If you are nothing without your power, then you don't deserve it!"
  • "Giving blasphemers a second chance is like handing the enemy an advantage on a silver platter!"
  • "The world will learn to approve what I'm doing, no matter who likes it or not!"
  • "There is no room for your outmoded 'justice' in today's world!" - pre-battle quote
  • "Don't talk to me like you're God, YOU'RE NOT! No matter how much you wish to be!" - to Shin or DaiZyuJin
  • "It was THEIR responsibility to get the hell out of the way, and they FAILED royally!"
  • "I'm the most intelligent, capable person on the planet. I'm not playing God - all this time.. I've been playing human." - an iconic quote lifted from the comics.[6]
  • "Takeshi Hongo: the first, and foremost greatest hero of the Tokuverse..." - greeting Kamen Rider 1
  • "You think you're better than me?! You're nothing but an overgrown kid's toy just waiting to be destroyed!" - to DaiZyuJin.
  • "All I wanted was to protect the world, from itself if need be. To do the right thing! And yet you idiots continue to attack me and punish me, time after goddamn time again! You people are monsters! Hypocrites! Assholes! Whiners! Traitors! Cowards! Bastards! Retards! Ingrates! Crybabies! Shitheads! Ungrateful, insubordinate, undisciplined, unwilling to see the bigger picture and let me do what must be done! You're all stuck in past and incapable of growing up!"
  • "The power of friendship, is TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!!
  • "DIE!!!"
  • "IT'S OVER!!!"


  • Iron Man is the second hero-turned villain to be given the title of "The Great Betrayer", along with Tyrannus DracoRex.
  • His title of "Lord Stark" not only serves to level him closer to his counterpart Lord Drakkon, it is also an allusion to Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones.
  • His Iron Majin persona is essentially an "MCU version" of Superior Iron Man, and is conceptually similar to Sigma, who is himself similar to Ultron. Those two, appropriately made up another similar villain named Ultron Sigma in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite.
    • With the revelation that Tony was just the host of the real Iron Majin, the Superior Iron Man moniker would finally be officially applied to Tony himself, at least in secondary sources.
  • GokaiWhite made Tony Stark the main villain of Marvel VS Super Sentai because he hated Tony so much for his actions in the latter half of the MCU's Infinity Saga(for reasons such as creating Ultron, antagonizing Captain America in Civil War, viciously scolding Peter Parker for things Tony is(and has been) guilty of, and finally allowing his hatred of Thanos to spur him to recklessly challenge the Mad Titan, which led to the Snap that killed half of the universe's population), he considered both Iron Man and Thanos the real villains of the Infinity Saga in a yin-and-yang fashion. In MvSS, Tony never turned good again, and he has gone on to become one of the most irredeemably evil villains GokaiWhite has ever conceived.
    • A fundamental facet of this development is to present GokaiWhite's symbolic "ultimate dream showdown" between the Power Rangers who taught him to cherish the values of friendship and teamwork, vs Iron Man who essentially spat in the face of those values, seeing them as detrimental to his personal glory.
  • Iron Man and Thanos(their MCU counterparts, at least) have been described as symbols of "protection through oppression" and 'salvation through annihilation", much like how Zero and Sigma from Mega Man X symbolized the idea that "nothing is absolute"[7].
    • Shin and Iron Majin have the same japanese voices of Zero and Sigma respectively.
      • In the Japanese script, even the Ninningers acknowledge that Iron Majin's voice is same as Gengetsu Kibaoni.
  • His killings of other villains in the MCU, like Dormammu and Arishem effectively prevents the events of any post-Phase 3 movies or projects from happening in the Earth-199999(S) continuity: For example, Quinten Beck / Mysterio's death prevents Spider-Man: Far From Home and No Way Home, and since the Avengers never went back in time, Loki's Disney + series does not happen either.
  • Iron Majin was retroactively first foreshadowed by Yinsen's voicover in the ending of the video game version of the first Iron Man film[8].
  • His cyclical practice of paying Agent Abrella to start up crime so Iron Majin can stomp it out is borrowed from Mitch Conner(and by extension, The Coon's) evil plan in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.[9]
    • Like Iron Majin, The Coon is also a selfish, hypocritical villain who wants all the glory.
    • Tony's appearance and(in especially MvSS) his desire to impose his own perversion of "heroism" on the world are also closely emulated by Akira Konoe in Persona 5 Strikers.
  • Iron Man was supposed to be a member of the Four Horsemen in Kingdom Farts, but this was changed to the Heartless of Mace Windu and Nobody of Nick Fury due in part to the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the reveal of Kingdom Hearts 4.