Iron Man
Iron Man-0.png
Kana アイアン マジン
Origin Tales of Suspense #39 (Mar,1963)
Iron Man (2008)
Marvel VS Super Sentai (202X(as Iron Majin))
Alias Tony Stark
Tony Stank
Iron Majin
The Tyrant of Steel
The Great Betrayer
The Shame of the Avengers
The God of Destruction
Mankind's Greatest Failure
Type Human (Prime Timeline)
Cyborg/Robot (MvSS Timeline)
Role Hero (formerly)
Main Villain (MvSS)
Gender Male
Alignment Evil (MvSS timeline)
Neutral (formerly in Prime Timeline)
Home World Earth(-199999(Iron Majin))
Family Pepper Potts (Secretary/(former) wife),
Jarvis (AI assistant(reborn as Vision),
Howard Stark (Father, deceased),
Maria Stark (Mother, deceased)
Weapon Iron Man Suit(s)
Dark Infinity Gauntlet (as Iron Majin)
Attribute Arc Reactor
Infinity (as Iron Majin)
Status Alive (MvSS Timeline)
Deceased (Prime Timeline)
English Voice Robert Downey Jr. (episodes 1-3 only)
Adrian Pasdar
Japanese Voice Keiji Fujiwara (2008-2020, flashbacks and ADR only)
Mugihito (as Iron Majin)

Tony Stark / Iron Man, is a Marvel comics character and a founding member of the Avengers.

Marvel VS Super Sentai shows his MCU counterpart becoming the evil Iron Majin in a separate timeline, conquering Earth and declaring all superheroes fugitives.


*See also: [1]

World of the Powerless

Having killed Thanos and taken control of Earth-199999, Iron Man ushered in a dark age of fear and terror, where the Avengers and all other Super-Powered beings are deemed illegal and hunted down by him, the Stark Administration, and his Iron Legion. In 2023, when Iron Majin was beginning to extend his tyranny to the entire universe, a young man named Shin Seigi rises up to defy the evil dictator, and frees the Avengers before taking him on himself. Despite Iron Majin's vastly superior strength, Shin weathered his onslaught of attacks until his stolen Iron Patriot suit was destroyed, and was saved by Aka Red who made him into New Captain America. New Captain America then takes a team of heroes with him to raise an army of Super Sentai, Kamen Riders, and Metal Heroes to help the Avengers end Iron Majin's reign of terror.



As Iron Majin, Tony Stark is consistently seen in his Mark 50 suit, but with a black cape, and purple triangular markings over and under the eye holes of the mask, which he got from his first fight with Shin.


As Tony Stark, he's a rather egocentric, womanizing, and flamboyant genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. As Iron Man, he's a noble hero out to make amends for past mistakes and prevent his work from being grievously misused by terrorists and other evil-doers. His complex character has caused many to see him as either a hero, others to view him as a villain, and others still as both. He has an abnormally low, if not nonexistent tolerance for his critics and intellectual inferiors, and whenever someone criticizes him for some morally dubious course of action, Tony will go great lengths to double down and prove it was for the greater good, no matter the cost to him or those around him.

As Iron Majin, however, he is a completely selfish and very ruthless, cynical, arrogant, elitist, self-righteous, explosive-tempered, spiteful, intimidating, ego-maniacal living god of destruction who will not rest until he eradicates all the Marvel and Toei Superheroes, and becomes ruler of all creation. He enjoys toying with his enemies and raining destruction on anything he sees an affront to himself. His hubris is so great, he would at times allow enemies to become powerful enough to think they can challenge him, and then humiliate the challenger in question in a lengthy battle that would seriously damage a city before finally killing him.

His disciplinary code is so petty and unforgiving, he once killed one of his guards for making a pop-culture reference, and one of his technicians for the way he recoiled in response to Majin ruthlessly scolding him for a small mistake.

Powers and Abilities

In addition to all the powers and abilities of every Iron Man suit Tony had constructed, up to the Mark 50, Iron Majin also uses the Infinity Stones. and his eyes glow the same color as the corresponding stone:

  • Reality/red: reconstruct or deconstruct anything
  • Space/blue: teleport himself or anything in his sight anywhere he chooses
  • Mind/yellow: control anyone's mind, even a sentient robot's, or put disturbing visions in the target's head
  • Time/green: reverse, slow down, or stop time
  • Soul/orange: drain anyone's life force, or revive anybody
  • Power/purple: increase his power, or decrease that of his enemies



Lord Drakkon

Drakkon established an alliance with Iron Majin to help him stop Shin from raising his superhero army, admitting his hatred of the Super Sentai/Power Rangers to be no different from Iron Majin's hatred of the Avengers. But knowing how Iron Man previously acted against the wishes of his friends, Shin Seigi refuses to stop warning Drakkon of the almost certainty of Iron Majin turning on him.

Agent Abrella

The Dekarangers' old enemy becomes Iron Majin's weapons supplier and business partner, citing that Tony Stark is not the only one who has been called the "Merchant of Death". He is willing to pay the evil alien any price for his contraband goods, deeming money as being no object in his quest for ultimate power.

Bio Hunter Silva

The robotic assassin blindly pledges his destructive abilities to Majin's insane quest for supremacy.



Even with the Mad Titan meeting his gruesome end, Stark continues to vilify Thanos, not ever realizing his actions as Iron Majin are even worse than the one he endlessly persecuted and hypocritically held responsible for the darkness in Tony's own heart. Iron Majin frequently depicts the Mad Titan in his over-the-top anti-Thanos propaganda as an uncivilized, hedonistic barbarian who took whatever he wanted, and will not hesitate to kill anyone who feels that Thanos did nothing wrong

Shin Seigi

Iron Majin despises Shin from the bottom of his cold, twisted heart for being the hero Tony Stark never could.

Steve Rogers

His annoyances with his former comrade now having exploded into pure hate, Iron Majin murdered Captain America in cold blood. His spite for Rogers is so great now, he declared all Captain America fans criminals who deserve to be imprisoned for life or even killed.


Iron Majin labelled the King of Wakanda as a traitor for protecting Steve Rogers and executed him in cold blood.

Peter Parker

Now viewing Tony Stark as a traitor to everything he taught him, a horrified Parker admits he's fed up with Tony's attitude and strictness and joins Shin's team on the spot, brokenheartedly saying he is the one who wanted Tony to be better. Peter's willingness to listen to Shin over Tony, due to Shin's being far more likeable and open personality has fostered an intense jealousy in Iron Majin.


Her affiliation with Shin Seigi has given Iron Majin incentive to claim to Shuri that he enjoyed every second he spent destroying her brother. It is also speculated and even very possible that Stark harbored immense jealousy towards Shuri for being way smarter than him, even before his fall into madness.

Pepper Potts

Despite the wholesale atrocities Tony Stark is committing, Pepper blindly clings to the hope that her (former) husband will realize how far he has fallen, even as Shin has to wrestle with the possibility that Tony may be already past saving.


Iron Majin exploits the ambiguity of Groot's extremely limited vocabulary to silence him like a consistently foul-mouthed child.

Super Sentai

Stark despises this long line of multi-colored heroes and their fans (perhaps more so) for their "overreliance" on the power of friendship, something Iron Ma(ji)n believes is a cheap ticket to victory and an offense to his all too realistic way of thinking.

Kamen Riders

Despite his hate for the Super Sentai extending to the Kamen Riders as well, Iron Majin was willing to have Drakkon manipulate one of them into fighting the Shin Avengers.


Iron Majin w~gauntlet.jpg

  • "I am Iron Man."
  • "Who the f**k are you?" - addressing Lord Drakkon for the first time.
  • "The greatest Hell imaginable is to live in a world without power!"
  • "All I wanted was to protect the world, from itself if need be. To do the right thing! And yet you idiots continue to attack me and punish me, time after goddamn time again! You people are monsters! Hypocrites! Assholes! Whiners! Traitors! Cowards! Bastards! Retards! Ingrates! Crybabies! Shitheads! Ungrateful, insubordinate, undisciplined, unwilling to see the bigger picture and let me do what must be done! You're all stuck in past and incapable of growing up!"


  • Iron Man is the second hero-turned villain to be given the title of "The Great Betrayer", along with Tyrannus DracoRex.
  • His Iron Majin persona is essentially an "MCU version" of Superior Iron Man, and is conceptually similar to Sigma, who is himself similar to Ultron. Those two, appropriately made up another similar villain named Ultron Sigma in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite.
  • GokaiWhite made Tony Stark the main villain of Marvel VS Super Sentai because he hated Tony so much for his actions in the latter half of the MCU(for reasons such as creating Ultron, antagonizing Captain America in Civil War, viciously scolding Peter Parker for things Tony is guilty of, and finally allowing his hatred of Thanos to spur him to recklessly challenging the Mad Titan, which led to the Snap that killed half of the universe's population), he considered both Iron Man and Thanos the real villains of the Infinity Saga in a yin-and-yang fashion. In MvSS, Tony never turned good again, and he has gone on to become arguably the most irredeemably evil villain GokaiWhite has ever conceived.
  • Iron Man and Thanos(their MCU counterparts, at least) have been described as symbols of "protection through oppression" and 'salvation through annihilation", much like how Zero and Sigma from Mega Man X symbolized the idea that "nothing is absolute".
    • Shin and Iron Majin have the same japanese voices of Zero and Sigma respectively.
  • Iron Majin was retroactively first foreshadowed by Yinsen's voicover in the ending of the video game version of the first Iron Man film[2].
  • His cyclical practice of paying Agent Abrella to start up crime so Iron Majin can stomp it out is borrowed from Mitch Conner(and by extension, The Coon's) evil plan in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.[3]
    • Like Iron Majin, The Coon is also a selfish, hypocritical villain who wants to be the only "hero" around.
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