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Iron Majin
Iron Majin w~gauntlet
Kana アイアンマジン
Origin Marvel VS Super Sentai (20XX)
Alias The God of Destruction
The True Iron Majin
Type Devil-God
Role Ultimate Antagonist
Age Billions or trillions of eons
Gender Genderless, with masculine voice
Alignment Itself
Home World Unknown, possibly outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Toei Tokuverse
Family Thanos (first co-host, deceased)
Tony Stark (second co-host and complete host, deceased)
Weapon Dark Infinity Stones/Gauntlet
Attribute Fear, Darkness, Void
Status Deceased
English Voice Adrian Pasdar
Japanese Voice Mugihito

This ancient, pure evil primordial God of Destruction, whose true name is lost to time, is addressed by Shin Seigi as The True Iron Majin (アイアン魔神 Aian Majin). It is the hidden true antagonist of Marvel VS Super Sentai.



In the time before its initial defeat, Iron Majin originally appeared as a prismatic giant humanoid with a fairly muscular frame and Tony Stark’s facial features.

Iron Majin's original form

Iron Majin's original "celestial" form, based on the cover of Iron Man Vol. 6 #15 (December 21, 2022)

When it is finally restored in the present day, Iron Majin resembles a dark gray and silvery grotesque fusion of Thanos, Ultron, Iron Monger, Iron Man and Lord Zedd, with red eyes and a red Arc Reactor both glowing ceaselessly like the fires of Hell. It has a mouth with red insides like Ultron, razor shark-like teeth, and a blood-red Infinity Gauntlet for a right hand in symbolic juxtaposition to DaiZyuJin putting the real Gauntlet on his left hand. It also had a black cape with tattered rims at human size, which dissolves when the devil god grows giant.


Unlike how Tony Stark became the "worst human being ever"(as Shin Seigi so furiously put it) only because of Iron Majin's influence, Iron Majin is pure evil and self-righteousness incarnate, an insane, heartless, vile, opprobrious, spiteful, self-important, fear-mongering, and utterly dangerous Lovecraftian megalomaniac who views itself as the supreme ruler of the entire multiverse. The ultimate cosmic horror completely devoid of compassion, morals, humility, or flexibility, it seeks to destroy, belittle, and cause suffering purely for it's own morbid satisfaction[1] (for example, Iron Majin cruelly kicked, shot, and stabbed Pepper’s corpse and hypocritically shifted the blame for her death entirely on Shin, despite having just murdered her itself). Iron Majin bluntly admits to indulging in hurting, killing, and bringing out the worst in the innocent and guilty alike for no reason at all, and approving Tony’s justifications for punishing any who second-guessed or disagreed with him and desensitizing everyone to his evil.

It also held a terrible grudge against A’Lars for destroying its physical form the first time and desired to punish him horribly by causing or contributing to the extinction of his race, and by turning Thanos into a self-deluded, controversial extremist. That grudge is implied to be carried over to being against Shin for destroying Iron Majin’s “champion” Lord Stark, the only mortal man who came to genuinely agree with the Devil God even if it was initially because of his egotistical need to best Thanos at all costs. Iron Majin expresses the utmost hatred and vitriol to the entire Avengers Sentai Alliance, most of all Shin whom it fiercely lambasted for his intolerance and opposition of “lesser of two evils” and “ends justify the means” viewpoints.

Although it fought the forces of good and ultimately Mugen DaiZyuJin to the bitter end, Iron Majin's boundless arrogance brought about its final downfall. In losing its confidence and composure before the Infinity Beast God, the Devil God devolved into a petulant sore loser blinded by the same desperation, hatred, and terror it ironically sowed in Tony Stark.

Iron Majin is also way more vulgar with its speech in the English script than in the Japanese, where it speaks more archaically but no less arrogantly as indicated by its use of "waga-sama" or "watashi-sama".

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Devil-God, Iron Majin possessed complete immortality and unlimited power, so it could not be truly killed, even by the Eternals and A'lars working together. It can travel throughout the Multiverse, opening and closing the borders as it sees fit to (presumably) keep even Kang the Conqueror from coming after it.[2]

It could mentally communicate with Tony and Thanos, appealing to their worst fears to influence them into following its plan.

In both complete forms, it can be either human-sized, Megazord-sized, or, prior to the Dark Infinity Stones’ destruction, even planet-sized, depending on who dares to be its opponent.

Using the Dark Infinity Stones also created the Dark Infinity World, a sort of prison for the souls of notably Tony Stark and Pepper Potts’, but that pocket dimension was destroyed when the Dark Stones were shattered.

The Devil-God arrogantly believed it only needed the Infinity Stones' negative energy to reshape the universe without fail, but without the positive energies as a counterbalance, the Dark Infinity Stones instead weakened Iron Majin to the point of losing its invulnerability before shattering. Also, DaiZyuJin implied that even if Iron Majin did have the stones' positive energies at its disposal, they wouldn't bend to the evil god’s will.

Although Iron Majin retained much of its godlike strength and durability, and seemed evenly matched for Mugen DaiZyuJin at first, it still was not formidable enough to escape it's doom. Even after suffering extreme damage, including the loss of its legs, stomach region and left arm, Iron Majin was able to fire one last particle beam, which the Super Legendary Infinity Punch tore through effortlessly to destroy Iron Majin forever.


Many eons ago, the evil god ingratiated itself into the Celestials of the MCU. It committed the most unforgivable atrocities imaginable in their name, and was determined to desensitize the whole universe to Its megalomaniacal urges, until around 2000 years ago when A'lars and the Eternals fought back to destroy it. But they did not do so entirely; its wicked essence was split in two and they decided to possess the souls of two individuals, between whom its personal beliefs were shared. With Iron Majin having already searched eons prior, after foreseeing its own defeat, the evil essences chose Thanos and Tony Stark as suitable hosts and bided their time, emboldening the darkness in their hearts until the time came for one to fully embrace the evil within and destroy the other, making the victor Iron Majin's perfect mortal vessel. Iron Majin chose Thanos as an act of pure depraved vengeance against his father A'Lars, and possibly considered Howard Stark over his son before it was determined he would not live to even hear of Thanos. It may possibly also be the true reason for Lord Drakkon's revival and/or coming to Earth-199999S, but this is not confirmed by any source as of yet, nor is it known why.

At the end of the Super Infinity War, when Tony Stark was slain by Shin Seigi, the True Iron Majin was made whole again, and it's first horrific act upon revival was to instantly kill Pepper Potts without mercy. Empowered by the accumulated darkness of Thanos’ race and Tony’s bloodline, Iron Majin remorselessly castigates the entire Alliance and uses the Dark Infinity Stones Stark had created earlier to destroy the Multiverse, but only for a very short instant: the massive excess of negative/dark energies puts such a strain on the Dark Infinity Stones that shatters them, taking away Iron Majin’s immortality and making it vulnerable to destruction as reality is restored to normal. The infuriated Iron Majin grows giant and tries to grind the Avengers Sentai Alliance under its heel, but DaiZyuJin stops it and utilizes the real Infinity Stones and Gauntlet to become Mugen DaiZyuJin, who finally destroys the God of Destruction and ends its reign of terror once and for all time.


  • "The Last Stark is dead... You killed him, and his pious little whore too!" - first lines in Marvel vs Toei Tokuverse.
  • "You should have steeled yourself against her feelings if you wanted to turn every last one of Stark’s subjects against him and save her worthless life, petulant boy!!" - deriding Shin
  • ”The Last Stark told you explicitly, that the fate of the Universe hinges entirely on his glory and self-preservation, yet you had the BALLS… to take his priceless pearls of infinite wisdom, and smash them into subatomic dust!!!” - brutally scolding Shin and his allies.
  • ”You finally doomed your entire universe, boy! How ironic!”
  • "May the multiverse damn your wretched souls for all eternity, Avengers Sentai Alliance!!!!!"
  • “.…and hail my name, forevermore!”
  • ”I, AM, INEVITABLE!!!!!!” - causing the Snap
  • ”NO!!! The Most Incredible Power in the Multiverse is meant to be mine alone! I’ll send you to Hell for taking it away from me, puny god!” - to DaiZyuJin as he equips the Infinity Gauntlet
  • “Come and get me, Mugen DaiZyuJin! You will pay severely for messing with the most powerful being of all time!!!"
  • "Stark was the only mortal who truly understood, the power to control the fates of every living thing; the right to torment and destroy with complete impunity! It is the ultimate joy, reserved only for a Devil-God! No one else, mortal or immortal, could ever understand!"[3]
  • ”I enjoyed every moment of watching A’lars’ pitiful race destroy themselves, and the whole process of warping his son into the most hated one of all!”
  • "People are best punished for their virtues, NOT their vices!!"
  • "I need no such pretenses as the rules of nature, or the Grand Calculus of the Multiverse to justify my actions: I do as I please because I CAN!"
  • ”I exist to be feared by all, to destroy all who think like you!”
  • ”You think yourself worthy of love and attention? You deserve to die, all alone in the darkest void, without the warmth of anyone’s comfort! YOU ARE NOBODY!”
  • ”Tremble with terror, for you are finished!”
  • ”Destruction and damnation to all who oppose me!”
  • "DAMN YOU!!!"
  • "DIIIEEE!!!!!!"
  • "IT'S OVER!!!"
  • "YOU'RE WEAK!!!"
  • "BEGONE!!!"
  • "I'LL CRUSH YOU!!!"
  • "EAT THIS!!!"
  • "GET LOST!!!"
  • "NO!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!! I was finally born again, only to be struck down by those who defy me!?[4] I am the invincible Devil-God who rules over all the multiverse! I am the ultimate lifeform whom even Gods and Devils must fear and obey! I, AM THE ONE, TRUE... IRON MAN!!!!!!" - last words before exploding and dying forever.

Musical Themes[]

The first end credits BGM of Avengers: Infinity War is used when Iron Majin fully awakens and proceeds to disparage the Alliance and then use the Snap to temporarily wipe out the entire MCU.

An orchestral medley of “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath and the themes for the three Iron Man films and The Avengers is the BGM for the first half of the final battle against Iron Majin.

Etymology and Symbolism[]

"Iron" refers to Iron Majin's true form fundamentally resembling an evil Iron Man, with other physical and personality traits being traced to three of Iron Man's greatest enemies (in the MCU); Obadiah Stane / Iron Monger, Ultron, and Thanos, an "Unholy Trinity" of sorts. A more literal take on this perversion would be Howard and Tony Stark being the father and son respectively, and Iron Majin as the “Unholy Spirit”.

Also, if Lord Stark is to the Antichrist, Iron Majin would be to Satan and/or the demiurge.

"Majin" (魔神 or マジン) means demon, or devil-god. In the context of Iron Majin's completely depraved character and vainly describing itself as the ultimate lifeform above all Gods and Devils, the kanji translation is the officially intended one for Iron Majin itself, with the katakana rendition strictly attributed to Lord Stark.

Like Tyrannus DracoRex, Iron Majin also embodies the hypocrisy of "Divine Privilege"[1].


  • Adrian Pasdar was chosen for his portrayal of Tony Stark in the Iron Man segment of Marvel Anime, which GokaiWhite thought "sounded appropriately more 'evil' than Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal."
  • GokaiWhite has dubbed the "zombified Iron Man"[5] from midway in Spider Man: Far From Home as one of the big inspirations and precursors to Iron Majin, and a symbolic reflection of the evil that finally overtakes Tony Stark in MvSS.
    • It's half-destroyed appearance before being struck down by Mugen DaiZyuJin also has similar (albeit metallic silvery-colored) skeletal features underneath the cracked armor, to evoke the image of a malevolent death-god and bring the symbolism full circle.
  • The kanji rendition of Majin (魔神) is used for addressing the True Iron Majin in the japanese script, whereas the katakana (マジン) was applied to it's host Tony Stark.
  • If Lord Stark is to Sigma from the Mega Man X series, then Iron Majin must be to Sigma's secondary giant forms in any game(bar X8 and Command Mission), and the parallels are furthered by ways including, but not limited to, the use of a very powerful mouth beam, shouting things like "DIIIEEE!!!!!!" or "IT'S OVER!!!" very loudly(as in X6, especially[6]), and also being voiced by Mugihito.
  • If Iron Majin is a Sentai villain by proxy, it would be Mughito's second (villainous) role in Super Sentai overall, after Gengetsu Kibaoni in Ninninger.
  • Iron Majin is purportedly older than Grandiene, who first existed along with the Tokuverse 4 billion years prior to GoGo Five.[7]
  • Howard Stark may have been Iron Majin’s second half’s first choice for a host, before inevitably transitioning to Tony, which would make sense in light of Tony inheriting some of his shameful qualities from Howard.
  • Iron Majin was conceived by GokaiWhite to further justify the dualism between (the MCU versions of) Iron Man and Thanos, and why they both needed to die to restore true peace and fairness to the universe. It was originally assumed both needed to die at (around) the same time to ensure Iron Majin’s essence will disappear forever in the prime timeline.
    • When the present Thanos was killed by Thor, his respective half of Iron Majin's soul sought out the past Thanos to ensure his intent to haunt the Avengers once more and wipe out the universe, essentially making him "Majin Thanos", the same evil being in MvSS, under a different name and form. This plan failed, leaving Iron Majin incomplete again and forced to use an inter dimensional crack to try again with Tony Stark during the events of “Infinity War”, So being free of Iron Majin's evil influence further explains why Thanos (of 2023) accepted his death with dignity.
  • Despite Iron Majin bearing some elements of Lord Zedd’s design, there does not appear to be a clear connection between them, nor is the resemblance explicitly explained aside from the possibility that Iron Majin had previously visited the Tokuverse itself.
    • This might also support the theory of Iron Majin’s responsibility for Drakkon’s revival, or at least his coming to Earth-199999(S).
  • The relationship between Iron Majin and Tony Stark is similar to Master Org and Viktor Adler in Power Rangers Wild Force. Iron Majin and Master Org were pure evil entities who were destroyed in the past, and used a human host who assumed their names(though in Tony's case, he never called himself Iron Majin, and was only addressed as such by the heroes, much to his chagrin) and became malicious themselves, and when the host died, the "parasite" reached maturity and then killed at least one hero[8], only to be destroyed for good.
    • Although Animus/GaoGod was revived, Pepper, sadly wasn't(more for reinforcing the recurring theme of the negative stigma surrounding the Stark family than for urgency's sake).
  • Iron Majin and his host's Prime timeline counterpart were ironically both killed by the power of the Infinity Stones.
  • His dying claim that he is the "real Iron Man" pays homage to Metal Sonic making a similarly arrogant statement upon his defeat in Sonic Heroes.[9]
  • To explain how the Eternals, the Time-keepers, the TVA or Kang could not interfere with the events of MvSS, aside from the story being part of a "pruned timeline", Iron Majin is also a multi-dimensional being who expertly used the "power of fear" to threaten any who can potentially destroy it for good without fail. However, the negative energy recoil that cost Iron Majin it's immortality also took said power away completely.