Iracabeth of Crims
Origin Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Role Antagonist
Age At least 1001
Home World Underland
Family Mother (deceased)
Father (deceased)
Mirana of Marmoreal (sister)
The Red King (husband; deceased)
Queen of Hearts (paternal cousin)
King of Hearts (paternal cousin-in-law)
Ilosovic Stayne (paternal first cousin once removed/lover)
Weapon Vorpal Sword
Status Alive
—- Iracebeth after discovering which of her frog servants stole three of her tarts

Iracebeth of Crims - also known as The Red Queen, The Bloody Red Queen, Iracey and Bloody Big Head - is the ruler of Underland, having stolen the crown from her sister years ago. Armed with the Vorpal Sword, Ilosovic Stayne and the Jabberwocky, she rules Underland with an iron fist.

Journal Entries

First Entry

Iracebeth is the eldest daughter of the now deceased King and Queen of Underland. At their deaths, she was passed over and Mirana inherited the crown; Iracebeth took the crown back by using the Jabberwocky to attack Mirana and her subjects. Stealing back the crown and the Vorpal Sword - the only weapon capable of killing the Jabberwocky - she rules Underland with an iron fist.

Second Entry

The Queen of Underland through usurption, Iracebeth is terrified that her subjects will rebel against her and reacts to even the smallest theft with the cry of "OFF WITH HIS/HER/THEIR HEAD!"; most of them are, usually, swiftly executed to appease her. Now, Alice hs returned to Underland, and Iracebeth intends to keep control, by using her newest weapon.


Iracebeth does not receive more than two journal entries throughout her appearances as she only appears at the beginning and end of the story.

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