Origin Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance
Original Name Epio
Alias Pexy
Type Nobody
Role Protagonist
Age 23
Home World Forests of Remembrance
Weapon Guns/ Spears
Attribute Animals
Status (First and half of second disc) Alive

Iopex is a main character from Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. But, she is killed in the middle of the second disc by Noctiri and Cartina. She commands the Trainer Nobodies.

Journal Entries


"A strong woman who will fight for what she believes, no matter what the cost. She is filled with pride and won't give up easily. Shooting with dead-on aim, she is a deadly fighter and can even call animals to her side in fights."


Iopex has long, shiny brunette hair that is slightly larger and spiked at the top, much like Yuna's. Two long braids, wrapped in pale green cloth, hang down from each side. Her skin is a healthy tone, and she has brown eyes. She wears three shirts, all cut down the middle. The bottom one being green, middle being brown, and the top being orange. A brown belt is attached right beneath her chest. Her spear, Ancient Animality, is strapped safely to the back of the belt.On her arms are green and orange armlets, much like Rikku's, but they have a gradiant of orange and green. When doing hands-on combat, her hands turn into large brown lion paws. She has brown shorts with orange and green ambroidery, being half-covered by a half-skirt made from brown strips of animal fur. A tan belt, used as a holster for her numerous guns, is strapped onto her waist. Her feet are actually brown lion paws that are tied at the heel with green cloth.


Alternate Costumes



  • Xaldin- Even though she dies in Foul Remembrance, it is shown in flashbacks that she had some sort of romantic affiliation with Xaldin. The fact that he could stand being around her might be because she is very quiet and strong, with much pride, just like him.


The Beginning



Battle-wise, she is best off fighting airborne enemies. But when using her paws or spear, she can exicute powerful hands-on attacks. Also, she can summon various animals to her side.


  • Elephant Parade
  • Falcon- Jump over enemy and shoot multiple bullets at it in mid-air
  • Dart Frog- Dart back and forth through enemies and inflict poison


  • Pounce- Allow allies to attack before enemies
  • Cheetah- Cast hastega on all allies



  • "Huh. Expected from you." (Any friend battle)
  • "It deserved to die." (Any boss)
  • "What more did they expect?" (Any enemy)


  • "I... Can't believe this..." (Any boss)
  • "How could this happen?" (Any friend battle)
  • "I'm ashamed...." (Any enemy)




  • Her design was based heavily off of Oerba Yun Fang, Yuna, and Rikku
  • Almost all of her abilities are named after animals

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