Name Insiminy
Kana インシミニー
Original Fanon Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence
Type Heartless
Alignment Evil
Age 26
Rival None
Weapon Shattered Theory
Attribute Dusk
"A dauntless woman who, in her rebirth, quests to combine light and darkness to assimilate strong hearts into her own."

Insiminy is a bonus character in Destiny's Reach: Kingdom Hearts. Originating from Kingdom Hearts: Amelioratory Benevolence, she fights alongside Sora with no hero to oppose her.


Insiminy wears a white bustier with white boots that reach just below the knee. On each of her wrists she wears a silver bracelet, and around her neck is a silver choker necklace from which a Heartless pendant hangs. Her alternate costume is a recolor, consisting a light blue bustier with red bands and boots. Her second alternate consists of of a black tuxedo and dress shoes with a red long tie.



Insiminy is a durable and steadfast fighter of good strength and average speed. She is slightly more gifted with magic than with physical attacks, and it shows with the number of self-invented spells that she fights with. Above all, Insiminy knows exactly how to keep the distance she wants between her and her opponent, with more long and mid ranged attacks than close ranged ones, giving her the title of Resolute Ranger.

Brave Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Flash Freeze
Ground, Mid Range
Ice shards rise out of the ground and follow the opponent.
Additional effect: Chase Sequence
Ground, Close Range
Grabs blade of weapon and thrusts opponent.
Additional effect: Chase Sequence
Ground, Mid Range
Level 15
Whips weapon around in a circle, drawing opponent in.
Aerial, Long Range
Level 24
Fires a beam of dusk in a straight line that tracks opponents.
Additional effect: Wall Rush
Aerial, Mid Range
Level 31
Downward thrust with weapon.

HP Attacks

Move Type Obtained Description
Aerial, Long Range
A thrust forward with equipped weapon.
Additional effect: Guard Crush
Aerial, Close Range
Level 30
An explosion of darkness and light attacks the opponent.

Brave to HP attacks

Move Type Obtained Chains from Description
Aerial, Close Range
Level 31
Five attacks upwards at the opponent, ending with a small explosion of dusk.
Additional effect: Guard Crush, Wall Rush


EX Mode: Assimilation - Insiminy takes on an appearance created from different people whose hearts she has taken. Regen also activates.

EX Burst: Rave - Four columns will appear on screen corresponding to four buttons, Left, Up, Triangle and O. The buttons will fall from the top of the screen in each column, and they must be pressed when the moving buttons match up with the stationary ones at the botton of the column. If the sequence is perfect, Insiminy will perform her unique Rave, Sublimatus. If the sequence is imperfect, she will instead perform a lesser attack.


Name Level Stats Effects
ATK +36
HP +101
EX Mode +10%
Gray's Law
ATK +66
HP +245
EX Mode +20%
ATK +99
HP +327
EX Mode +40%


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