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Infernal Caliban
Kana インファナルキャリバン
(Infanaru Kyariban)
Type Unversed
Role Antagonist
Home World Unknown
Weapon None
Attribute Nothingness
Status Alive

The Infernal Caliban (also referred to as Cally by Mortis) is the Guardian to Mortis's Ansem. Extremely loyal, and deeply connected to her master, this Unversed beast will do anything to protect the humanoid Heartless. Although she does not have a humanoid form or intelligence, she is considered the fourth member of NOVA, and represents the Realm of Nothingness.


The Infernal Caliban is a bizzare-looking beast, featuring a wide, tooth-filled mouth and multiple red orbical eyes. The creature itself is covered in jet-black fur, with huge leathery wings protruding from the Caliban's shoulder-blades. Across her chest, the pure white Unversed symbol is emblazened. This Unversed travels on all fours, traversing difficult terrain with her ebony claws. The Caliban's long tail matches the length of the rest of her body, complete with a poison-spiked tip. Purple stripes run down the back of the Infernal Caliban, giving her a unique appearance.


The Infernal Caliban's personality is much like that of a loyal dog. Around Mortis, she is lovable, loyal, and clingy. She even responds to basic dog commands such as "sit" and "lay down". The Caliban is very distrustful of creatures outside of NOVA, however, making growling and bark-like noises when one draws near.

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