Kana ?
Romaji ?
Origin Diablo 3
Original Name Imperius
Type Supernatural (Archangel
Role Ally
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral/Good
Home World Crystal Arch/Daybreak Town/Dark Margin
Family None
Weapon Solarion
English Voice ?
Japanese Voice ?
Imperius is the character originally from Diablo 3.

In KH: ITHOTCR, Imperius seems to be wrathful and impatient while he talks to Aced and Ira in conversation to Keyblade War.

It is implied that Imperius fights thousands of Heartless, Unversed in War of the Celestial Realm.


He may be the strictest of the Angels. He orders the Angels to fight Heartless. He orders Fulmen and his Keyblade Warriors to deal with Heartless.

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