Imperial Intelligence is a faction within the Dark Empire, they are famously feared by those of the Realm of Light. The organization is the information collection and control agency of the Empire and are known for performing Black Ops missions; their mission parameters often include spying, espionage, sabotage and Assassination.

Imperial Intelligence is legendary, due to the fact no matter what you do, you are never really safe from their influence. They can infiltrate a world, cause dissent and before you realize it you have sabotaged defences, an infestation of Heartless and a landing zone for the Imperial Military to begin conquering the world all within a week-to-month time zone depending on the resources and personnel invested.

Imperial Intelligence is also in charge of internal affairs of the Empire, internal security, and are also responsible for mass genocide in the effort to keep rebellions down on conquered worlds.


  • Imperial Intelligence is inspired from the same intelligence service used by the Sith Empire in Bioware's game, Star Wars: The Old Republic.
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