Sure, I sense Icy Breeze's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Icy Breeze
"A Keychain crafted from solid dry ice in the coldest part of Aleannas."
Strength Magic
+2 +4
Blizzard Boost - Blizzard magic and Blizzard-based attacks are powered up
Defeat Wechinda at Frozladria's Icecap Plateau.

The Icy Breeze is a Blizzard-based Keyblade obtained after defeating the first of the Twilight Project results in Frozladria.


The guard of the Icy Breeze is a simple, light-blue-tinted circle made of solid ice, with a handle made of simple metal, although colored the same way as the rest of the guard to match it. The blade of the Icy Breeze resembles the Tornadosword in the way that it has some shards of icy crystals at the rainguard connector of the main blade and guard, as well as the majority of the blade being a simple longsword. However, the teeth of the blade are three sharp icicles jutting out from the side; other than this, the Icy Breeze's blade looks like a simple recolor of the Tornadosword's blade.

The Keychain for the Icy Breeze is a simple, four-point snow crystal, with the points going out at the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast angles. The Keychain slightly resembles Roxas's zipper in his street clothing.


  • Icy Breeze resembles the Tornadosword in several ways. The names are also similar, so the Tornadosword may have been the sinpiration for this weapon.
  • The Keychain for the Icy Breeze is similar to Roxas's zipper in his street clothes during Roxas's time in the Virtual Twilight Town.
  • This is one of the few--if not the only--Keyblade with no special Deck Command to its name.
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